1.5-liter water bottle

1.5 Liter Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

For when you need to keep hydrating the 1.5 Litre Water Bottle is your best bet! The WMB adapter makes filling and cleaning even easier. The tireless companion for all real outdoor fans who appreciate sporty functionality. The high-quality, reusable aluminum bottle is extremely lightweight, stable, and easy to carry.

Made in Switzerland, it features our Eco Care liner, a highly elastic inner coating is resistant to fruit acid, tasteless, and free from harmful substances such as BPA and phthalates. It ensures a fresh, clean taste every time. Made from high-quality aluminum, this 1.5 Litre Water Bottle is 100% leakproof even with carbonated drinks. SIGG Aluminum Bottles are lightweight, durable, eco-friendly water bottles that you will have for years to come.

Sigg WMB 1.5 Litre Water Bottle, Pollutant-Free, Aluminium Bottle

Sigg WMB Traveller Water Bottle (1.5 L), Pollutant-Free and Leak-Proof Metal Bottle, Lightweight Aluminium Bottle for Sports Collection

1.5 Litre Water Bottle Features

Capacity3.2 Pounds
Special FeatureAir Tight

SPORTY DESIGN: SIGG’s dedication to design shines through in this aluminum 1.5-liter water bottle by turning a wide mouth 1.5-liter water bottle into an ergonomic one to match with active lifestyle… Easy to fill, easy to drink from, even on the go.a
LEAKPROOF: 1.5-liter water bottle BOTTLES: With its tight seal screw cap, this red 1.5 liter water bottle  is fully spill proof. Makes the ideal companion during a training session. Even if held upside down and with carbonated beverages.
LIGHTWEIGHT PREMIUM MATERIAL: This reusable 1.5 liter water bottle is crafted from a single piece of high-quality aluminum, making it quite the lightweight 1.5 liter water bottle and recyclable too. A gym 1.5 liter water bottle that fits most bags.
SAFE DRINKING: All materials used to design SIGG 1.5-liter water bottles are free of harmful pollutants, such as oestrogenic substances and phthalates. Enjoy every sip out of this BPA-free 1.5 water bottle, ensuring a neutral smell and taste.
MADE IN SWITZERLAND: SIGG bottles up over 110 years of experience designing the finest drinking 1.5-liter water bottle. Excellence and innovation are meticulously manufactured from the combination of a love of metal and design.


Will this fit inside a standard cup holder in a car?

Tough to say exactly. Some yes, some no. It does not fit into my Ram pickup’s cup holder but it does fit into a Mercedes ML350 cup holder.

Where is this made ??

If you go on the SIGG website, it states there that their products are now made in China. This is direct from their website under FAQ

The selection of the production site in China was not to import low-cost goods from the Far East to sell cheap products under our name. We don’t want to deceive our consumers in any way, and therefore we have removed the Swiss cross from the logo of this line. Another reason for choosing our producer in China was their expertise: for many years they have been producing high quality Thermos bottles and had the required experience in this segment, the necessary equipment, and trained staff. Although the bottles are produced outside of Switzerland, we can be sure that the Swiss spirit and quality remains in all of our product

How long does the fluids stay cold for?

The Sigg water bottle isn’t insulated. So if it’s hot out and you put ice old water in it it won’t be cold by lunch. I only like this bottle due to the large quantity it holds. Other insulated bottles hold a similar amount but they are HUGE in comparison.
By David Lloyd Miller on October 4, 2022

Reviews & Experience

WG: Have Purchased this 1.5 liter water bottle and Reviewed it as “Best on the market.”These bottles are not cheap, but worth every dollar. Top quality and thick side walls. Unlike many other brands, has the option of a narrow neck or wide neck for easy cleaning or for adding ice cubs. Top-quality shock-resistant polyethylene cap material. Not junky plastic that can crack when dropped on a hard surface. Gaskets are top quality stable Polyethylene distortion and split resistant no leak type. Not cheap junky old rubber-type gaskets commonly seen on other brands.
Conclusion. If you want long-life tough leak proof bottles get these and forget the rest, or waste your money and get wet with an inferior brand.

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