2 gallon water bottle

2 Gallon Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

The H8O 2 Gallon Water Bottle is designed to hold up to 2 US Gallons / 7.6 Liter and lets you store your own purified water for your restaurant, office, or home. 2 Gallon Water Bottle is ideal for anyone who wants to fill his or her own water, cutting the cost of bottle delivery fees and individual one-time use water bottles. An economical and solution. 2 Gallon Water Bottle is also a good choice for emergency preparation and water storage so you are ready for critical situations. This 2 Gallon Water Bottle is reusable, safe, and durable – perfect for long term use and reuse.

2 Gallon Water Bottle with 48mm Cap

H8O Polycarbonate Water Bottle (with Handle) with 48mm Cap, 2 gallon

2 Gallon Water Bottle Features

MaterialPolycarbonate plastic
Capacity2 Gallons
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

Volume size: 2 us gallon / 7.6 liter

Made of 100% durable polycarbonate plastic

Store your own purified water for home or office

Perfect for emergency preparation & water storage


Are these bottles BPA-free? or do they contain BPA as polycarbonate bottles generally did (until recently)?

It’s baffling that a few here assert these bottles are BPA-free. They are polycarbonate–polycarbonate is NOT BPA-free. For anyone who doubts this, I got confirmation from the manufacturer:
“Hello, thank you for contacting us. Our H8O bottles are not BPA-free; they are polycarbonate.
Best regards,
Goldwell Enterprises Team”

Is this bottle BPA free?

the number on it is “7” but the bottles do not indicate BPA free. In Wikipedia, the danger from BPA is explained as a problem when the plastic is heated. If these bottles are used for water storage, unheated, might be okay. Imagine if you find large water storage BPA free bottles, could be pricey.

I wonder if water out of this bottle would have that plastic smell…

I don’t know for sure, but I would think that it would not. Since the purpose of this bottle is for water and this same one is sold at my local grocery right next to the distilled water dispenser, I would guess it is a smaller equivalent of the 5 gallon bottles delivered for the water cooler. I just checked mine and there is no plastic smell.

Reviews & Experience

5th Finger of Death: Have Purchased this 2 Gallon Water Bottle and Reviewed that “Great Easy-To-Handle Bottle For All Sorts of Water Storage Tasks” This is a handy sized bottle to have around the house. For drinking water, it’s way easier to hoist into your dispenser versus those industrial sized 5-gallon bottles. Fewer strained backs and tennis elbows. The sturdy molded-in carry/lift handle is its best feature. I found this bottle is perfect to use as a drainage collector for a (Whynter ARC-12s) Portable Air Conditioner unit. By installing a simple hose-end-to-brass-nipple and about 24″ of reinforced half-inch vinyl hose, it’s easy to make your cheap Non-Pinguino air conditioner functional all-day long without the unit shutting down due to over-filling of the tiny internal water trays. Then you simply dump the water when you see the water is near the top of the bottle. No fuss, no muss. The bottle is sturdy molded of fairly robust polycarbonate plastic. Of course, if you leave it out in the sun or bang it hard against bricks or concrete, it will eventually crack; but with “normal care and handling” the bottle can take plenty of bumping and it will stay together functionally for an indefinite period of time.

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