40 oz thermoflask

40 Oz Thermo Flask To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Keep your beverages cold all day without a cooler (or hot without a microwave!) Our double-wall vacuum insulated stainless steel 40 Oz Thermo Flask bottles prevent outside temperatures from affecting the inside beverage temperature so your drink stays just the way you like it – all day long. Great for everyday adventures or outdoor activities like hiking, camping, biking, sports, picnics, and more. Drink the way you want with easy, controlled one-handed drinking. Chug or straw? Your choice. You get both! Note: For maximum flow, please ensure the straw lid is fully extended.

40 Oz Thermo Flask Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel with Two Lids

ThermoFlask Double Wall Vacuum Stainless Steel Insulated Water Bottle with Two Lids, 40 Ounce, White

40 Oz Thermo Flask Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity2.5 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

Vacuum Insulation: The ThermoFlask keeps beverages ice-cold for 24 hrs, and hot for up to 12 hrs with double-wall and vacuum insulation. This BPA Free stainless steel water bottle won’t transfer flavors, won’t sweat and does not rust.

Chug and Straw Lid: This water bottle comes with 2 lids; an innovative leak-proof Chug lid and a newly improved straw lid that has been enhanced for better flow. Both allow easy one-handed or hands free sipping

Daily Adventure: Adventure awaits with ThermoFlask insulated stainless steel water bottles. They help you stay refreshed and hydrated for an active lifestyle. Soups and other hot liquids stay heated for hours while cold beverages keep cool throughout the day.

Premium Hydration: Our line of insulated hydration solutions come in 14 to 64 oz sizes with a variety of colors. Our insulated water bottles are a convenient size that fits in most cup holders, backpack pockets and in your hand when adventure calls.

ThermoFlask Quality: Whether you want a reusable water bottle for camping and hiking, an insulated commuter cup, or just want to hydrate sustainably, ThermoFlask has a stainless steel water bottle for you


Is the 24oz small?

It’s about the size around of a 16 oz plastic bottle of soda, but taller. It fits in my cup holder of my car. Don’t think the larger one would. Since it keeps ice so well, I often refill it with water on the ice still in it. I don’t consider it small or large. Like Goldilocks said, It’s Just Right.

Do you sell the chug straw lid separately?

I had ordered a couple different 24oz pictured with chug lids, but I received straw lids. What I have eventually purchased was a 24 oz with both lids, to make sure I got the Chug lid! So ask your questions to make sure you’re getting the right product 🙂

Can I purchase a replacement straw lid for the Thermoflask?

Yes. I just went through this for the 40oz Thermoflasks I purchased at Costco. The straw lids are not sold by ThermoFlask directly (on their website) but it is sold by their manufacturer, Takeya, for $10. Www.takeyausa.com

Reviews & Experience

Mark J: Purchased this 40 Oz Thermo Flask and Reviewed that “This may be my perfect bottle” Easy to clean and fill. I put ice in my drink in the evening, and when I go to fill the bottle in the morning, there is still ice in it. When traveling on a plane, my previous bottle sprayed liquid everywhere if I opened it aloft because of the pressure differential. This one opens a tiny little vent hole at the top before connecting the straw, so the pressure is vented without causing a calamity. It’s sturdy, and I’ve washed it several times by hand and in the dishwasher without issue. Holds a goodly amount of liquid. And it cost significantly less than another brand (my wife bought one) that looks just like it. So what’s not to love?

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