5 gallon water bottle caps

5 Gallon Water Bottle Caps To Buy-Reviews & Experience

5 gallon water bottle caps Replacement Non Spill Bottle Caps Anti Splash Peel Pack of 20

5 gallon water bottle caps for standard snap on (55mm) 2,3 ,5 and 6 gallon bottles,not for use with screw top bottle.

5 gallon water bottle caps-Jug Cap Replacement Non Spill Bottle

20 Pcs 3 & 5 Gallon Water Jug Cap Replacement Non Spill Bottle Caps Anti Splash Peel

5 Gallon Water Bottle Caps Features ...

Capacity5 Liters, 6 Gallons, 5 Gallons
Age Range (Description)Adult


5 gallon water bottle Caps with peel-off dust protection seal. Non-adhesive, mainly compatible with bottle water coolers.

Upgrade Non-Spill Plug system, no splash, no leak, sealing strong than general caps, clean and safe to create a sterile environment for crystal-clear water storage.

5 gallon water bottle caps, non- smell, non-toxic, perfectly for re-filling water cooler bottles for your home or office.


Questions. Are these really reusable?

Answer:yes they are reusable. When the bottle is empty you can just tip the bottle and get the little white plastic piece out, and put it back where it belongs. The cap snaps back on top the bottle, it takes a little force but it will go back on. I sell these, I own a water refilling station. We sell the jug and caps. Maybe an elderly person may have trouble snapping them back on, but most people should be able to do this. Kind of stand over the bottle and put your weight into it : )

Questions. Does the caps fit the new wave envrio bottle 5-gallon ?

Answer:Not that I am aware of. They fit any 5 gal jug that doesnt have the twist on top.

Questions. How do I keep the small white plug inside the cap from falling off and floating around in my water bottle when I put it on the cooler?

Answer:The probe would go through the white plug, and the caps would be stuck with the probe.

Reviews & Experience

Pipefighter: Have purchase this 5 gallon water bottle capsand reviewed that”These caps do not leak. No drips, No problems.” I refill my 5 gallon water jugs at the local water & ice store. I recently purchased an angled 5 bottle vertical storage unit from Amazon and found that the standard caps from the store would not seal when the bottles are angled with water against the cap. These seal tightly and solved that problem. I purchased one package 18 months ago and have used them again and again with no issues. Quality product.

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