5 gallon water container

5 Gallon Water Container To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Indulge in effortless hydration with the Brio 5 gallon water container bottle. Cut costly 5 gallon water container bottle delivery fees and single-use plastic bottle usage with a bottle that withstands frequent usage and handling. The durable plastic ensures that your water is safely stored in a container that resists leaks and damage. The 5 gallon water container built-in handle allows you to transport the water bottle virtually anywhere, so you can have access to fresh drinking water at home or on-the-go. Refresh with a bottle that prioritizes durability, safety, and convenience. Product is made of high-quality polycarbonate plastic, ensuring that it won’t degrade in different temperatures. This 5 gallon water container is made of high-quality PET plastic in the U. S. It is 100% free of all Bisphenols compounds, including BPA and BPS. 5 gallon water container has a capacity of 5 gallons and is 10. 75 inches in diameter and 19. 5 inches in height. Its high capacity, chemical-free structure and a grab-and-go handle makes it the perfect travel or camping companion. Its heavy-duty, durable plastic will withstand years of use. Its a sustainable, reusable bottle that help users minimize their carbon footprint.

5 Gallon Water Container - Plastic Crown Cap, Reusable & B.P.A. Free

Brio B.P.A. Free 5 Gallon Plastic Crown Cap Reusable Water Bottle Container

5 Gallon Water Container Features

ColorNatural Blue
Capacity5 Gallons
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

High quality: durable B.P.A.-free plastic withstands frequent usage while remaining free of harmful toxins

Crown-top: easily snap on protective lids to avoid leaks; lid not included

Large capacity: store 5 gallons of fresh water for home, school, or office environments

Easily transportable: convenient carrying handle allows you to keep hydrated almost anywhere

Sustainable: eliminate the need for single-use plastics by refilling your bottle again and again


Surely it’s BPA free, but doesn’t say it. the pictures don’t show a cap. surely it comes with a cap?

No! It doesn’t. This particular jug is as is. But keep looking there is one that shows a picture of the jug with the white cap included on top. I purchased one that displayed the cap on it from amazon and received it; but when I ordered it again ; I received one without the cap, so be careful. I finally had to go to Walmart.com to get one with the top cap.

What size cap is to be used with this ?

I use these from Amazon: Water Bottle Cap for 3 or 5 gallons – Non Spill (Quantity of 6) MADE IN USA.
by BlackHawk………..you get 6 for 5.97

What’s the difference between this $30 water jug and the $10 one you can get at Walmart ?
Do not buy this item. It didn’t come with a lid and was a nightmare trying to retrieve it from the incorrect location it was sent to.

Reviews & Experience

Zachary J. Hansen: Have Purchased this 5 Gallon Water Container and Reviewed that ” Works great as replacement water holder for my dog bowl” My dogs’ water bowl container broke. it was cheap. I bought this and it is way better than the one it replaced. Works great and the handle makes it super easy to carry the water from the sink to the bowl.

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