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5 Gallon Water Jug BPA Free To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Secure bottles when filled with water. 5 Gallon Water Jug BPA Free resin lacks Bisphenol a, which is a building block in polycarbonate resin. Bpa acts to strengthen the plastic. Without BPA, tritan resin is vulnerable to breaking when the 5 Gallon Water Jug BPA Free has water in it. Dropping the bottle or allowing it to roll around and bang against solid objects could cause it to break.

5 Gallon Water Jug BPA Free - Wave Enviro Products

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New Wave Enviro Products BPA Free Tritan™ Bottle, 5-Gallon

5 Gallon Water Jug BPA Free Features

BrandNew Wave Enviro Products
Capacity5 Gallons
Special FeatureNarrow Mouth

Confidence: Our redesigned structure is significantly stronger, and proudly made in the USA. New Wave Enviro is the most trusted name in BPA Free Bottles. Be confident your water is stored in a bottle made of safe material

Feel Prepared: Our BPA Free Tritan bottles are the perfect solution for long term water storage, without the worries of leaching. Feel confident that your whole family will stay safely hydrated through any emergency

Sustainable: Can be used with New Wave Enviro porcelain or stainless steel water dispensers (or other brands) and office/home water coolers to help eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles in your home or office. Reusable and BPA Free

CARE: Clean bottles with warm water and baking soda, white vinegar, or mild dish soap. Circumference: 32.8 inches

TRUSTED BRAND: We have been providing sustainable drinking and filtration solutions since 1993. Family owned & operated from beautiful Colorado. Purchase with the confidence knowing our team is driven to bring sustainable products to you and your family



What plastic # are these? (#2?)

Currently, resin identification code “7” is for “other” resins that are not defined by codes 1 through 6. Thus, a number of unrelated plastics can carry a code 7, including Tritan, polycarbonate, nylon and even the newer bio-plastics. Many well-known manufacturers identify their products made from Tritan with code 7.

Help find a cap for these, I see many for 55mm, but non for 48mm I want the cap with a hole for spill proof install on water cooler

These bottles come with a 48mm cap (I THINK; seller said 48mm.) I just typed into the amazon search bar, “48 spill proof water bottle caps” The caps that I prefer is the ASIN: “B078PL1CDS” If you type the exact same as I did, you should get a large number of items to choose from, many with a choice of sizes. These caps are reusable, but they won’t last forever. Make sure you get pleaanty to have on hand, I find they fail (not badly) approximately every 3 to 6 months. Inspect them every time you put one on. Hope this helps

What size cap required?

Thank you for inquiring about what size cap you can use with the New Wave Enviro BPA Free Tritan Bottle 5 gallon. The size for the cap is 48mm.

Reviews & Experience

David A. Davenport: Have Purchased this 5 Gallon Water Jug BPA Free and Reviewed that ” Excellent Product & it’s Made in the USA!” I appreciate that this quality product is manufactured in the USA! It’s BPA Free! It is molded with a sturdy and rather comfortable built-in carrying handle. I’m very pleased with the two 5 gallon New Wave Enviro Tritan™ Bottles that I purchased. I’m planning to purchase additional bottles from New Wave Enviro in the future.

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