5 gallon water jug stand

5 Gallon Water Jug Stand To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Brio Water delivers top quality products that fulfill a variety of needs! 5 gallon water jug stand conveniently holds 3- or 5-gallon jugs and is compact enough to be placed practically anywhere. 5 gallon water jug stand is perfect for a wide range of settings and the minimalist design allows it to fit in any environment, making it the perfect blend of function and style. Included with the stand are two spigots compatible with 48mm screw cap and 55mm crown cap, ensuring you have everything you need to simply set up and pour!

5 gallon water jug stand with BPA Free Fast Flow Water Spout, Rust-Resistant, Non Slip Water(White)

Brio Stainless Steel 3-5 Gallon Water Jug Stand and 2 Dispenser Valves, Rust-Resistant Non Slip Water Stand with BPA Free Fast Flow Water Spout Fits Both 48mm and 55mm Bottles 2 CAPS Included (White)

5 Gallon Water Jug Stand Features

MaterialStainless Steel
Capacity5 Gallons
Installation MethodCountertop

SPACE SAVING: Limited on space? No problem! The Brio 5-Gallon Countertop White Stand is the perfect space saving solution. The compact design makes it easy to place practically anywhere!

DURABLE DESIGN: Enjoy years of use from this durable bottle stand! Made entirely of premium steel it can be used without the fear of it rusting, so it looks brand new after years! The stand perfectly supports 5- or 3-gallons without collapsing under the weight.

USER-FRIENDLY: Easy to set up and easy to put away, the stand is entirely user-friendly. The durable stand includes valves that are entirely easy to install and easy to clean. The valves are dish-washer safe and the stand is simple to maintain.

2 VALVES INCLUDED: Brio ensures that you have all that you need to begin your hydration journey. Included with this durable bottle stand are two valves, measuring at 48mm and 55mm.

PERFECT ADDITION: The bottle stand perfectly fits in any environment! The bottle stand is compact enough to travel anywhere with you and durable enough to be placed anywhere, from a college dorm room to a recreation vehicle.


Where can I purchase replacement valves?

If you can’t find a replacement valve on google I would just buy the whole thing.

Will this be able to withstand a glass–not plastic–five gallon water bottle?

It’s pretty sturdy but I think you’re just asking for trouble, especially if you have kids around.

Is this screw on or snap on?

yes, this is a screw-on cap. The 3 gallons fit Ok; however, the 5 gallon does not fit, it is bigger than any standard 5-gallon bottles on the market. The cap goes on and screws on creating a tension seal. Great product for camping. Just buy it. I snap mines on. Snap on and it’s a little tricky.

Reviews & Experience

Lindsey M: Have Purchased this 5 Gallon Water Jug Stand and Reviewed that “Simpler is better in this case” My tap water has been of suspect quality so we’ve opted for bottled water (after trying filtering for a few years). First we tried a pump that you can recharge- it wasn’t too much of a bother, we’d go through two five gallon containers before needing to recharge. But after a month or two, as I’d clean the long straw portion every new bottle I started notice a filmy build up despite soaking it in vinegar and hot water.
This stand and cap has been awesome. It’s simple- there’s less parts to clean/recharge- and does the job just fine.

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