64 oz water bottle with straw

64 Oz Water Bottle With Straw To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Water challenge water bottle, large & very handy to make drink water fun like a game. 64 Oz Water Bottle With Straw is very creative & unique. Anyway, challenge yourself, daily challenge and share with your family and friends. Just think, it gonna be funny. Keep drinking will make you more healthy, beautiful and pleasure. Welcome to get it and start challenge with your family, friends, co-workers together 64 Oz Water Bottle With Straw , wide, durable and big enough, sports water bottle with handle to be easy-grip and carry, suit for hands(all fingers), very portable water bottle. Wide mouth water bottle lid, design different mouth and lids, two caps attached well so that don’t worry lose it anymore, wellness gallon water bottle to inspire you get more water easily.

64 Oz Water Bottle With Straw - Motivational, Wide Mouth, Leakproof & BPA Free

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64 Oz Water Bottle With Straw Features

MaterialBPA/BPS Free, Tritan
Capacity4 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Adult

REMOVABLE & LONG TO BOTTOM STRAW GREAT TO DRINK: Fashion huge water bottle, half gallon water bottle with straw, make drink water simple, easy-clean. Reusable water bottles with reusable straw long enough to help you keep hydrated easily, no need to tilt, no leaks, no smell. KEY: Super fall resistant.
AMAZING VARIOUS STIMULATE MARKINGS & 64OZ BIG CAPACITY: Big water bottle with time markers & sayings & ounces, equal to 7 or 8 cups water without always refill, save your time and stay hydrated all-day. Inspirational water bottle with time marker & oz markings track your daily water intake, clear water bottle with times motivation & measurements really motivate you to drink more water frequently. Get over any symptoms, stay healthy.
HUMAN DESIGN WITH DURABLE ULTRA LARGE HANDLE: The biggest/largest wide handle pretty for your hands(all fingers) to grip. 64 ounce water bottle with handle to make hand-cozy when full water. Huge water bottle with handle support large amount of water and shatterproof of many tests. Very druable, sturdy and portable, help you handy to drink more water. Good as gym water bottle for men/women.
REDUCE WATER BOTTLE CAPS REPLACEMEN: The top lid perfect connected with big cap that very sturdy & won’t lost. Leak proof screw cap, more secure put in your bag, Also, has ultra wide mouth water bottles, easy-clean, easy-add ice cube, fruit or lemon wedges. Help you safe & quick to get more water.
100% SOLID SATISFACTION GUARANTEE NO WORRIES: BPA free water bottle dishwasher safe, made of green safe material. More fall resistant and accept 90°C water compare with others. Any issues will be perfectly solved, pls contact Ellen when having in trouble.


Can the bottle be opened and closed with my teeth, like a bicycle water bottle?

It can I suppose but it’s way bigger than a regular water bottle so you would have to open your mouth really wide. 

Thoughts on bottle and does the straw stay in?

My thoughts are the handle is amazing, doesn’t hurt my wrist to hold. It’s durable, meaning my husband hasn’t broke yet, lol. The straw isn’t fixed in the lid which is nice. It has a thing around the top part that keep it from coming out. Which also means the bottle must stay up right not to leak. The lid does screw shut. The straw only comes out if you remove the entire lid, as thou to refill. Hope this is helpful.

Are the water bottles BPA free?

I’ve seen several reviewers stating that the seller is lying and it’s not BPA free because of the resin code category it falls into- which definitely concerned me so I did a bit of research into it. The material, tritan (which this bottle is made of- and which is BPA and BPS free), currently falls under code 7 (which is just a catch-all for any other material that doesn’t fit in the previous 6 recycling categories). These resin identification code numbers aren’t necessarily measures of safety and although BPA materials would also fall under the same generic ‘other’ category, it doesn’t mean that something has BPA in it just because it’s a #7. Hope this helps.

Reviews & Experience

Colleen M Galione: Have Purchased this 64 Oz Water Bottle and Reviewed that “Great product to keep track of your fluid consumption” Purchased this for my husband. Since he was put on medication he is required to drink more water throughout the day. I have tried other methods but since he does get busy he loses track of how much fluids he drinks. Simply fill it up in the morning and he and I can keep track and keep him on schedule avoiding nightly bathroom trips. Works great and keeps him motivated.

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