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Avalon Water Cooler To Buy - Reviews & Experience

The Avalon Water Cooler Base is a pedestal that will extend the height of your existing bottom loading or bottleless freestanding water cooler dispenser. The Avalon Water Cooler sits directly on top of this base giving the cooler an added ten inches of height. The base is sturdy and clips onto the water cooler for added stability. There are also four rubber grip feet to keep the base from moving. The dimensions are 15.80 x 15.25 x 10 inches.

Avalon Water Cooler Pedestal Height Extender for Bottleless Models and bottom loading, BASE-BLK

Avalon Water Cooler Dispenser Base, Pedestal Height Extender for Bottom Loading and Bottleless Models, BASE-BLK

Avalon Water Cooler Features

Capacity80 Pounds
Installation TypeFreestanding

HEIGHT EXTENDER: This base will add 10 inches of height to your existing Avalon bottom loading or bottleless freestanding water cooler.

CUSTOM FIT: Avalon Water Cooler base is designed to custom fit to Avalon branded bottom loading or bottleless freestanding models.

ANTI-TIP: This base has been tested for anti-tipping keeping your water cooler very secure.

RUBBER GRIP: There are 4 rubber feet to ensure maximum grip to the floor preventing any sliding.


Has anyone tried this on an Aquverse 5PH water cooler?

Yes, I’ve had it for offer a year, using it to lift the water cooler, was too low b4, and looks better with it …. would buy again if didn’t have it.

Will this work with a Primo bottom load cooler?

We made it work. It does not fit perfectly but we modified it to fit.

Will it fit with top loading?


Reviews & Experience

David Mccall: Have Purchased this Avalon Water Cooler and Reviewed that ” Fit like it was made for my Primo!” I took a chance that I could make this Avalon product work for my Primo Bottom Loading dispenser, and it fit like it was made for it. I have a Primo Smart Touch 2.0 water dispenser, and the feet fit perfectly in the supplied holes, AND all 4 pieces of hardware lined up perfectly to secure the dispenser to the stand. I could not be happier…….although, I do agree with everyone, it is a pretty steep price to pay for molded plastic (after taxes $64+).

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