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Avalon Water Dispenser To Buy - Reviews & Experience

The Avalon Water Dispenser With Bio guard And Child Safety Lock Is Made With An Innovative Stainless Steel Body. It Offers A Choice Of 3 Water Temperatures. The Easy-To-Use Push Button Spouts Make It So Much More Convenient To Use. Simply Press The Temperature Button Of Choice And Allow The Water To Flow From The Given Spout. High Contact Areas Are Also Treated With Bioguard Coating To Prevent Bacteria Growth. The Machines Highly Efficient Compressor Makes The Cold Water Crisp And Ice Cold At Approximately 47° F Without The Need Of Adding Ice Cubes To Your Drink. The Hot Faucet Is Hot Enough To Cook One’S Tea Or Coffee Or Any Other Steaming Hot Beverage At Approximately 185° F. Due To The Extremely Hot Water, We’Ve Added A Child Safety Lock On The Hot Water Faucet. We Have Incorporated A Nightlight That Can Be Switched On From The Back Of The Unit. This Will Make Filling Up Your Cup At Night So Much More Simple And Easy. The Dispensing Area Is 12X3X10 Inches With 9 Inches Of Space Below The Spouts. This Avalon Water Dispenser Will Accommodate Most Large Cups Or Bottles. There Is A Removable Drip Tray At The Bottom Of The Dispensing Area To Catch Any Drips Or Spills. This Avalon Water Dispenser Is Bottom Loading With A Cabinet To Hold 3 Or 5 Gallon Bottles. The Water Is Pumped From The Bottle Through The Machine. There Is Also An Empty-Bottle Indicator That Will Light Up When The Bottle Needs To Be Replaced. The Water Cooler Is Ul Listed. The Unit Dimensions Are 41X12X13 Inches.

Avalon Water Dispenser with BioGuard- 3 Temperature Settings - UL/Energy Star Approved- Bottled

Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Dispenser with BioGuard- 3 Temperature Settings- UL/Energy Star Approved- Bottled

Avalon Water Dispenser Features

ColorStainless Steel & Black
MaterialHigh-Grade 304 Stainless Steel
Capacity5 Gallons

Three temperatures: three temperature settings allow you to customize your drinking experience. This dispenser features a crisp Cold, cool, or piping hot Output

Innovative design: our sleek stylish stainless steel cabinet will make this water cooler fit right into your home kitchen or office.

Light the way: Our Built-In nightlight makes the water spouts clearly visible at night & has an empty-bottle indicator that lights up when the bottle needs to be replaced. Cooling Capacity: 2.5 L/H

Bottom loading: our water cooler is bottom loading to eliminate the strain of lifting, reduce spills and is suitable for 3-5 gallon water bottles (Bottle not included)

Child safe: this product is UL/Energy Star approved and features a child safety lock on the hot water spout so the entire family can use it worry free


What does it mean when it stops cooling and heating water?

My units thermostat failed and caused the water tank to freeze solid preventing water to flow. This is a known problem with this model. The company was good about providing a replacement even though the warranty had expired. Unplug the unit for 72 hours allowing the tank to thaw out then plug the unit back in and give it a try. If it’s a freezing problem it may return in a few days. It cannot be repaired by the consumer.

Does the hot water come in contact with any plastic parts, such as the heating elements, the reservoir and the spout?

It doesn’t really have contact with any plastic…It comes out straight and hot…But it will not heat up or Melt any other plastic around it. (Works Great)

Are there bottom loading water dispensers with built in ice maker?

I wish. I have looked everywhere and have only found commercial ones that cost like $3000 and have to be connected to a water line. My dream would be a bottom loading water dispenser that has a crushed ice option. I prefer bottles bc no matter how often u replace the filter, the crushed ice dispenser in the refrigerator still dispenses ice that is more white than clear. Plus it’s not crushed enough for my taste.

Reviews & Experience

Garifuna Chic: Have Purchased this Avalon Water Dispenser and Reviewed that “Absolutely the best investment of 2022” I used to have a traditional top load water cooler in my home years ago. The worst part was having to hoist that heavy water bottle onto the dispenser. No more! This handy bottom load dispenser has a water prong that siphons the water upward and it does so beautifully. There is no waste in water remaining in the bottle and the dispenser itself tells you when you need to replace the bottle. It dispenses hot, cold and room temperature water. It is a sleek design that can integrate into any aesthetic. Most of all, it allows you to not have to recycle hundreds of 20 oz water bottles if your entire family are water drinkers. I feel our footprint is less, we are using less plastic and there is about a 90% decrease in trips to the recycle room. My parents love it and so do I. Definitely recommend.

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