Biodegradable water bottle

Biodegradable Water Bottles To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Biodegradable Water Bottle is Simple, Modern, Inexpensive. Made with 50% Wheat Straw Fiber, PP powder, and a BPA food-grade silicone seal. Biodegradable and Earth Friendly. Biodegradable Water Bottle is easy to carry and easy to care for: light-weight, leak-proof, dishwasher safe, easy to clean, fast-drying, no odor, keeps good taste, not slippery. *REUSABLE. Purchasing a reusable water bottle helps to REDUCE PLASTIC WASTE, and is BUDGET friendly. *BAMBOO FIBER can be biodegraded at present completely. BAMBOO FIBER and PP material are mixed together in powder form. After the BAMBOO FIBER is biodegraded the PP will also become degraded in the soil in a few years and will not affect the environment.


Biodegradable Water Bottle - Fiber Water Bottle Tumbler 18 oz Eco- Friendly, Multiple Colors & Eco Cup Ultra Light Weight

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Simpl Bamboo Fiber Water Bottle Tumbler 18 oz Eco- Friendly Biodegradable Multiple Colors (Pink) Eco Cup Ultra Light Weight

Biodegradable Water Bottles Features

MaterialBamboo Fiber
Capacity1.1 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Kid

SAFER FOR OUR PLANET: Eco- Friendly, Biodegradable, BPA Free

MADE SIMPLE: 50% Bamboo Fiber, Food Grade Silicone Seal, NO MELAMINE

CAPACITY: 18 oz or 450 ml; SIZE 18.8 in; ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT 182 gr

SIMPLE CARE: No Odor, Easy Clean, Fast Drying

FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Curved Surface, Good Grip, Ultra Light Weight, Modern, Pastel Colors, Great for a Business Office, Gym, Biking, Hiking, Walking, Any Activity, Kids and Adults


How good is this with hot or cold water?

Bamboo fiber water bottles do keep the cold and warm longer than normal water bottles, but cannot be compared to thermoses which are designed specifically to perform in that area. However the tradeoff is thermoses are not safe for the environment or biodegradable.

What is pp? is pp polypropylene?

yes, it is added to the bamboo fiber to hold it together. Thank you

Are these reusable? Or is it just a one time thing?

These bottles are reusable. Thank you!

Reviews & Experience

Brianna: Have Purchased this Biodegradable Water Bottle and Reviewed that “The Perfect Water Bottle” Obsessed with this water bottle! I was looking for a compact water bottle to be able to run with and it’s the perfect size. Not to mention it’s environmentally friendly which adds so much value to the product! Definitely recommend.

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