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Brio Water Dispenser To Buy - Reviews & Experience

This Brio Brio Water Dispenser is equipped with a child proof safety hot water faucet. This 2-step handle operation prevents children from dispensing hot water. It is recommended that all hot water taps have a red child lock handle to help prevent scald accidents. The hot water can be shut off while not in use. Take the hassle and mess out of placing a water bottle on a cooler by using a non-spill top on the cooler. This Brio Water Dispenser item from Brio is installed on the cooler and allows you to place a 5-gallon water bottle on the cooler without fear of spills. The nozzle of the bottle will fit securely on the cooler thanks to this top and you will be able to enjoy the full five gallons of water from the bottle. If you’ve owned a Brio Water Dispenser before, you know how easy it is for the last drip and drop of water to fall out of the tap after you’ve removed your glass. This Brio Water Dispenser comes equipped with an anti-rust BPA-Free drip tray, which allows you to keep your drip tray sanitary and easy to clean!

Brio Water Dispenser Top Load, Hot and Cold Water - Brio CL520 Commercial Grade - Essential Series

Brio CL520 Commercial Grade Hot and Cold Top Load Water Dispenser Cooler - Essential Series

Brio Water Dispenser Features

Capacity5 Gallons
Access LocationTop

HOT & COLD WATER: Satisfy your thirst with crisp and cool water or relax with a soothing hot beverage using the brand you can trust. Brio Top-Load Water Cooler ensures to provide the perfect temperature in each pour.

CHILD-SAFETY LOCK: Never worry about accidental pouring of hot water again with the two-step dispensing on the hot-water spout. Simply release the lock located above the dispensing button and enjoy soothing hot water at your fingertips. Rest assured that the safety of you and your loved ones are in the hands of Brio Water Engineers.

TOP-LOAD WATER COOLER: Enjoy the ease of installation and replacement of water bottles with the non-spill top. The nozzle of the bottle fits securely on the cooler thanks to the top, so enjoy the full five gallons of water from the bottle. The top-load design allows for easy visual access to identify when the water supply is running low.

STAINLESS STEEL RESERVOIRS: Premium grade steel protects the purity of water and maintains hot and cold water at its ideal temperature, so always have access to hot, cold or ambient water at any time.

INNOVATIVE & STYLISH: The stylish design features a stainless-steel accent and is the perfect, classy addition in your home, office or any public space. The elegance of this unit will add style anywhere while also delivering refreshingly cool or soothing hot water at your fingertips.


Can the spigot be locked into place to dispense water without holding the spigot down?

There is no lock mechanism on the Tomlinson Faucets outside of the “child-lock” on the red hot faucet. I am not sure of what your application would be, but if you unscrewed and removed, the very top part of the faucet where the blue or red tab faucet is mounted, water will pour out, and continue to pour out until you put it back in place and screw it back down. It is not a standard operation, but may assist if you are just trying to empty the bottle for some reason. Hope that this helps.

No water coming from hot water side – I vented it as the directions indicated but I still can’t get any water at all from that side?

I don’t really know what is going on with your, but for main it’s the best hot and cold water dispenser I have ever bought. Because it’s safe for hot water. Just push in the red bottom and then you will get the hot water, but the first time you connected to the plot it may take about 2-4 hours for it’s to start dispensing the hot water. To be honest my work great.

Can I buy replacement bottles?

YES, several vendors delivery locally and you can order on Prime as well.

Reviews & Experience

Joey: Have Purchased this Brio Water Dispenser and Reviewed that: “Great Cooler & Awesome Customer Service!” I had a bad experience with the first cooler I received. I even wrote a very negative review about the problems I was having. I resolved my self to this being a bad purchase and was just about to replace it with another brand when I was contacted by the seller who is a direct dealer for the manufacturer. They told me that my problem had to be due to a defective unit and offered to either replace the cooler or give me a full refund. I went for the replacement and I couldn’t be happier. The replacement was received within less than a week from my telephone conversation with the customer service representative. The new unit works great. I couldn’t be happier with the way this unit works and especially with the customer service that took care of me.

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