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Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Literally keep your cool all day with the Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle Chill Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle, 24 oz. Whether you’re running around town or on the treadmill, your water will stay cold up to 28 hours thanks to THERMALOCK vacuum insulation. Press the AUTOSEAL button to drink and release to seal after every sip. With AUTOSEAL technology, Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle reusable, BPA free water bottle is leak and spill proof. When you’re done hydrating, flip down the integrated spout cover. The lid also has a conveniently integrated carrying handle for easy transport from car to yoga class. At the end of the day, throw the lid onto the top rack of your dishwasher for an easy cleanup, but remember to hand wash the stainless steel body.

Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle (Autoseal Steel)

Contigo Autoseal Steel Water Bottle, 24 Oz, Scuba

Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle Features

MaterialStainless Steel
ColorBlue and Black
Capacity1.3 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

Thermalock double walled vacuum insulation keeps drinks cold up to 28 hours

One hand operated Autoseal button seals the lid between sips to eliminate spills and leaks

Protective spout cover for cleaner drinking

Integrated carrying handle for easy transport

Top rack dishwasher safe lid; Hand wash only body


Is it safe to cut up lemons and limes to put in water, or might the acids damage the stainless steel?

I’ve been adding lemon juice to these bottles for years. No corrosion or staining. Note that citrus reacts with aluminum, not stainless steel.

Does this bottle fit in a car cup holder?

Yes and No…… If you use the bottle only it fits in a car cup holder nicely. It’s tall but I have never had any problems with keeping the bottle secure during regular driving or turns. However…. today I had a cloth bottle cover on it. That made the bottle too wide for the cup holder. I was unable to secure it in the cup holder at all.

Does this water bottle sweat? Like does it bead up water on the outside at all?

Depends. Sometimes you get a lemon like I did. After Amazon lost my order I found it in a local warehouse store which stocks Contigos, and when I filled it with ice and tea the outside felt cold and eventually beaded up, which meant the vacuum insulation was kaput. That was a real surprise… Contigos are usually pretty good. But perfect they are not. If your bottle beads up, return it.

Reviews & Experience

Debie Hock: Have Purchased this Contigo 24 Oz Water Bottle and Reviewed that “These are amazing! My family has several different types that we’ve been using for years.” After recently skimming through the reviews I felt the need to share my experience. First of all, we LOVE these bottles. This is a photo of my cap with no mold or mildew buildup after more than 6 months of almost daily use. I have never needed to take the lid apart to clean it. This being said, placing anything in this cup outside of ice and water will cause a need for more thorough deep cleaning than the lid allows. As long as it’s cleaned properly, allowed sufficient time to air dry, and you only use it for water, these will last for years. If you intend to add anything to your water (especially powder mixes that will require shaking), it will inevitably be caught in this lid. If that is a concern, they have plenty of other products that will probably work better for your specific needs. Hope this helps.

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