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Amay Desktop Water Cooler Dispenser There is a small storage in this desktop Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser that can be storage disposable cups or coffee packs. We have a child lock to protect children from burns. Removable bottle holders make us to keep drinking water clean, avoid dust from the bottle into the water dispenser. Economy Energy Switch There is an economy energy switch on the desktop Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser ,keep the hot water at 140℉, when the heating switch turned on, it can be directly heated to 194℉. Specification: Type: Hot &Warm& Cold Hot water temperature: 194-203℉ Warm water temperature: 140℉ Cold water temperature: 50-59℉ Installation: Counter top Housing Material: new ABS Plastic Certification: ETL&CE Dimensions (L x W x H (Inches): 12.2×13.0x15.8 Power (W): 500 Voltage (V): 110 Brand Name: AMAY Function: Hot and cold,hot and warm,warm and cold Cooling method: Electric cooling Heating power: 500W Cooling power: 75W Heating capacity: 5L/H Cooling capacity: 0.8L/H Selling Units: Single item Single package size: 13.07×13.98×17.13inches Item weight: 9.26pounds Single gross weight:11pounds Package Type: Normal Carton

Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser, Child Safety Lock, 3 to 5 Gallons, with Energy Saving Switch

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Amay Countertop Hot and Cold Water Cooler Dispenser, 3 to 5 Gallons, Child Safety Lock, with Energy Saving Switch

Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser Features

MaterialAcrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
Capacity5 Gallons
Weight9.26 Pounds

Economic Energy Heating: This Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser comes with an Energy Switch to help you save energy consumption, it keeps hot water at 140℉. When the heating function is turned on, it can be quickly heated to 194℉. This desktop water cooler dispenser is made of high quality ABS plastic.

Child Lock& Storage: This Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser has Child safety Lock for hot water spigot to protect children from burns. A small storage in the desktop water dispenser allows you to store disposable cups or coffee tea packs.

Removable Bottle Holder: The top loading bottle holder of water dispenser should be cleaned regularly. Thus, our removable bottle holder design is very easy to clean. Keep our drinking water healthy.

Electronic Refrigeration and Heating: We use electronic cooling technology, to always keep your water cold in the summer heat waves. The heating system uses the same technology to heat your water and prepare your favorite hot beverages, very convenient in during winter season. Perfect for your bedroom, studio, office, grocery store and so on.

Large capacity: This Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser easily holds a 3-5 gallons water bottle or jug. Our water cooler will let you reduce the cost of constantly purchasing water, helping you save on your bills. This product is NOT sold with water jugs!!th w


How cold is cold what is the coldest setting ? It states that cold setting is 50 to 59 degrees that’s 9 degrees difference.

When cold water reaches 50℉ degree, the cooling function stops working. As time goes by, cold water temperature rises. When cold water degree is over 59℉, the cooling function will start again and make it to 50℉. That’s how 9℉ difference comes.

Do you have to push a button And wait to get the water to heat or is it always available? If you have to push a button, how long does it take and how?

Actually, you don’t have to push a button and wait. If you drink hot water quite often, just keep the mode at ‘NORM’, then it works as normal water cooler which you could get hot water available always. This model has two working modes, one is ‘NORM’ as I just explained. The other is ‘E-S’ which means Energy-Saving. ‘E-S’ mode is only for the user who does not drink hot water often. At ‘E-S’ mode, you need push that HEATING button then wait about 1 mins to get hot water. Its function is designed to save electricity. If it is still not clear enough, I suggest to watch our video for this product to get function instruction. Thanks. 

How long is the warranty?

Hi dear, again thanks for your interests and asking. We give one year warranty for our water cooler. Hope our products will make you satisfied well.

Reviews & Experience

Ian: Have Purchased this Countertop Hot And Cold Water Dispenser and Reviewed that “Any prior reviews forget. This is the clue!” Take the unit out of the box and start dumping water into it. Then drain it and fill it again 2x. Then verify that each spigot works and it dispenses at a good rate; not great, but good. It’s acceptable and it works fine. Place your bottle on top and make sure it is still working correctly. Let the water heat up and cool down . Don’t leave it on normal, use the “saver” setting and accept the fact that in 4 minutes you’ll have 190 degree water after pushing the button, and that is perfect for hot cocoa, instant oatmeal, tea, coffee etc.

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