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Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & experience

Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle help empower healthy living by promoting proper hydration Consumption of one full Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle is equal to the recommended daily intake of water for an individual. Proper hydration has a myriad of benefits including more energy, clearer skin, keeps your body cool, natural cleanser, improved muscles and joints and so much more. At the same time, single use plastics are LITTERaly choking our planet. Certain non-recyclable plastics are estimated to last for thousands of years! Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle and jugs are the answer to minimize our plastic footprint. Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle provides solutions to these two major issues while also donating a portion of profits to the SEA Centre in Indonesia. The CEA Centre educates and trains locals on the importance of being proper stewards of some of the most lush and dense coral reefs on our planet. They also plant corals to revitalize areas which are damaged. Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle supports a better planet and a better you. It’s that simple. PS: the water jug weighs 5.15 pounds when 100% full of water. A bit heavy for some, but we’ll let you in on a couple secrets – (1) don’t fill it up all the way if too heavy (2) you’re working those muscles – go on ‘n get it!

Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle-BPA Free Drinking Water, Great for Gym Fitness Workout Sports Hiking

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Aqua Jug Big Water Bottle, Dishwasher Safe BPA Free Drinking Water, Dark Knight Black 2.2L, Great for Gym Fitness Workout Sports Hiking and More

Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle Features

BrandAqua Jug
ColorDark Knight Black
Capacity2.2 Liters
Age Range (Description)Adult

DAILY WATER SERVING IN A PERSONAL WATER JUG: Doctors recommend daily intake of 2 liters of water per day. Aqua Jug provides this amount with just one daily water fill up! No more searching for water fountains on the go or refilling small bottles 8+ times per day at the office, gym, sports field, camping, job site or others!

LARGE YET SIMPLE MODERN WATER BOTTLE: Aqua Jug measures 10” x 4.75” x 4.75” and weighs 5.15lbs when 100% full. The reinforced handle works great for teenagers up to adult sized hands. The mouth is wide enough to fit most ice cubes while the removable water cap includes a smaller latching cap for easy consumption. Included as well is a stitched reinforced lanyard for carrying and/or wrapping around your wrist to prevent accidental droppage.

ECO-FRIENDLY DURABLE QUALITY BOTTLE CONSTRUCTION: Aqua Jug is made of durable, recyclable BPA-Free Tritan plastic meaning we chose to prioritize quality and the environment over making a few extra bucks. Compare to other water jugs on the market and you’ll notice our difference (of course dropping a heavy object from heights may subject it to damage, but that’s just like almost anything else!)

BUY AQUA JUG TO SUPPORT MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Aqua Jug was created and is supported by a passionate U.S. team who cares about giving back to support our world for generations to come. Not only is Aqua Jug recyclable, built to last, and substituting single use plastic water bottles, we are also donating a portion of our profits toward the SEA Centre in Indonesia which is dedicated to restoring reefs and educating and training locals on the importance of a healthy ocean

STYLISH WATER JUG ON THE GO: choose from 5 different cool and stylish colors of water jugs including: military “FORCE” green, “DEEP” end blue, “LOVE” you long time pink, “SNOW” white and our south of the border “ROJO” red. 100% quality guarantee. Just shoot us a message if you’re unhappy with your Aqua Jug in anyway and we’ll make sure you walk away happy and hydrated!


Does it keep water cold?

No. It’s just a normal plastic water bottle 🙂 If you want something that keeps everything cold I’d suggest the Hydro Cell

When I drink from the lid it makes a high squeaking noise. is that typical? can I get another lid?

I have 2 Aqua Jugs, neither of which make any noise while drinking.
I don’t know about the lid replacement.

Does this keep water cold for 2 hours or so?

If you have ice in the bottle then yes. But please note that this is a water bottle and not a water thermos. In other words, it won’t keep the cold being cold for hours. I take this bottle with me to work out and with the ice inside it the outside of the bottle sweats because of the condensation. But I do love this bottle and use it every day. Hope this helps.

Reviews & Experience

AmberHale: Have Purchased this Dishwasher Safe Water Bottle and Reviewed that “Great jug!!” Awesome water jug! Helps me to get an all my water throughout the day which is often a struggle for me. It’s very durable and I have even dropped it on concrete where there was a noticeable scratches on the green part, but now I don’t see the scratches any longer. This jug is definitely seems like a right-handed jug so if you’re left-handed, I’m not sure if this will work because of the placement of the drinking nozzle. My only complaint is the tiny hole that allows air to leave the bottle when you’re drinking, whistle’s which sounds a little bit funny. It’s not a big deal but I just wish it was more quiet. Otherwise I’m very pleased!

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