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Gatorade Squeeze Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Keep hydration handy for your next practice or big game with the Gatorade Squeeze Bottle. This Gatorade Squeeze Bottle is designed with a Fast-Cap that simplifies your refueling process so you can quickly fill your bottle up and get back out there to make your moves. The contour bottle design offers up durability and a comfortable, versatile grip, while a clear Hydro-View strip allows you to see the liquid levels.

Gatorade Squeeze Bottle - Multiple Sizes & BPA Free

Gatorade Squeeze Bottle, Green, BPA Free, Multiple Sizes

Gatorade Squeeze Bottle Features

Capacity28 Fluid Ounces
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

Gatorade Squeeze Bottle, Green, BPA Free, Multiple Sizes

#1 selling hydration bottle in the United States

Pureflow Valve – Valve designed for a steady stream and no leaks

Contour Form for Grip – Contour silhouette provides maximum control and grip

Wide Mouth Fast Cap – The wide mouth opening for a quick-on, quick-off cap makes adding ice easy

Clear Hydro-View Strip – Lets you keep an eye on the fill level

Squeeze bottle and cap are BPA free


How often should this bottle be replaced?

I’ve been using mine for 6 months and it still doesn’t leak. As long as you keep it clean, use it until it does. I’m happy with mine especially for the price.

I see it is bpa free plastic. but what kind of plastic exactly is it as there are several different types? or what is its recycling code?

Gatorade Squeeze Bottles are BPA free and have a recycle symbol #2. The cap does not carry a recycling number because there are 2 plastics combined together into the one component.

How would I clean these without a dishwasher?

I just use a bottle brush for the bottle, and a regular scrub sponge, or cloth for the cap , with hot soapy water, I have lightly boiled the caps sometimes for a few minutes because I like extra sterilize clean in hard to reach places, never had a problem these are the best water bottles.

Reviews & Experience

Lisa Talley: Purchased this Gatorade Squeeze Bottle and Reviewed that “One of my best purchases of all time” This has been, out of all the amazon products I’ve ever purchased, probably the one I’ve used the most. I use this water bottle almost every hour of the day; it helps me keep track of how much water I’ve drunk, and I bring it everywhere from my home and to the gym and everywhere else. It does lack insulation, so if that’s what you’re looking for, this bottle probably isn’t right for you. I drink water so often that the insulation isn’t really a problem since I fill it up every few hours. Highly HIGHLY recommend it.

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