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Hourly Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Half Gallon Hourly Water Bottle with Hours to Sip Written – Drinking the recommended quantity of water throughout the day is now simpler than ever thanks to a slightly elevated water bottle with a tracker lid that helps you remember to drink. On Hourly Water Bottle Hourly Quotes keeps track of your daily water intake throughout the day and provides the funniest prompts for increasing intake and daily water consumption. Hourly Water Bottle provides fantastic motivation for any fitness or health goal, such as weight loss or muscle building, and makes it simple to drink. It also pushes you to drink a gallon of water every day while detoxing or pregnant.

Hourly Water Bottle - Reusable, Leak Proof Jug with Straw & BPA FREE

HydroMATE 64 oz Water Bottle with Time Markers Hourly BPA FREE Reusable Leak Proof Jug with Straw and Handle Half Gallon

Hourly Water Bottle Features

Bottle TypeStraw 64 oz Water Bottle with Time Markings
Color08 Black
Capacity4 Pounds

1/2 Gallon Water Bottle with Times to Drink Marked – Now easier than ever to drink the best amount of water all day high quality lid drink reminder and tracker water bottle with handle boost your daily water intake

Motivational Hourly Time Markings – Encouraging Hourly Quotes tracks your daily hydration progress all day and best funny reminders to increase intake and to drink more water daily

Top Rated Drinking Lid – Makes it easy to drink and encourages you to be your best great motivation for any health gym or fitness goal including weight loss muscle gain or challenges you to drink a gallon of water a day during a detox or pregnancy

Best Unique Gift Idea – Looking for a durable reusable BPA Free eco friendly present for wife for husband for dad for mom get them a Gift they will love

Make Your Water Bottle Cleaner – Rinse bottle with Baking Soda and Vinegar


How to clean inside?

I use Dawn and hot water. Let it sit for a little while. Then I use a long handled sponge that fits all the way down in the jug and swish the soap around. Boom! Clean!

Can I buy a new cap for my water bottle?

Unfortunately it looks like we can’t, I’m guessing you are having problems with the straw? If you or anybody else can find one I’d love to know as well, thanks!

What lid replacement should I get my lid is defective ?

I will say that my lid has a hard time with suction, which is the opposite problem to my more expensive bottle. I would still recommend it’s lid unless you get one that fits its right size. (I have not personally found one, nor am I looking. I prefer this and its straw.) Sorry not being much of a help in it’s lid. I brought it for the size and its ease. Have a wonderful day 

Reviews & Experience

dxs: Have Purchased this Hourly Water Bottle an Reviewed that “Love it! Great everyday water bottle.” I love this bottle. After reading the reviews I decided it was worth a try–and I’m so glad I did. I love that it comes with a strap and a good handle for gripping. I’m someone who routinely forgets to drink enough water, so this is the perfect size; not too big that I can’t carry it around, but plenty big enough that I’m drinking a good amount. I’m also a small woman (under 5 ft) and can grip it easily with one hand when full. I’ve not had any problems with leaking either!
I also did a capacity test. When filled to the base of the neck it holds 10 cups of water. Which is well over the marketed 1/2 gallon capacity. So, I’m not sure how one reviewer tried to blame their dehydration on the bottle. . .there must have been other factors going on there.
Also, addressing the tendency to break. . .Even though I have not had any problems, I can see how it might be an issue, especially if exposed to extreme temperatures. The material seems to be a hard plastic and not as well made as, say, the Brita water bottles, for example. That is one area I could see needing improvement.

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