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Hydro Flask Carrier To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Our purpose is to provide products that help you to spend quality time in nature with the whole family. Hydro Flask Carrier developed our paracord handle based on our experience trying out several handles and ideas during our trip Hydro Flask Carrier’s result is that you never have to waste your money on fashionable but useless features and no longer have to carry around unnecessary weight so you can enjoy your hiking to the full.

Hydro Flask Carrier Water Bottle Handle

Accmor Rainbow Water Bottle Handle for Hydro Flask and Other Wide Mouth Bottles, Paracord Strap Carrier for 12oz to 64oz Bottle, Bottle Accessories with Fire Starter Compass Safety Ring Carabiner

Hydro Flask Carrier Features

  • Paracord Water Bottle Handle is the perfect flask carrier for hiking, camping and all outdoor activities.
  • FITS most WIDE MOUTH BOTTLES – Compatible with 12, 16, 18, 20, 32, 40oz bottles and most of wide mouth bottle, suits well all color bottles.
  • Durable, comfortable and fashionable way to carry your vacuum flask. Feel free to handle over your flask to your kids as they can easily grab it
  • The Paracord survival strap unravels into rope for use in survival situations.
  • Serve you and your family for ages. Your indestructible carrier can handle any situation. In fact we are that confident that if you do manage to break our handle we will give you a replacement.


Does this fit on 18 oz Iron flask?

I’m not familiar with that flask, but if it has a lip that the rubber ring can sit under, then it will most likely work. I have an older wide mouth Hydro Flask and it works. It won’t work on my newer one.

Does this work on the new wide mouth hydro flask?

I bought a newer 32oz and it does not work because there is not lip to hold the rubber ring in place!

Has anyone used this with a Nalgene water bottle? I am wondering if it will fit my 32 oz, wide mouth. Thanks!



Reviews & Experience

Niles: Have Purchased this Hydro Flask Carrier and Reviewed that ”5.0 out of 5 stars An Awesome Handle!” The plastic strap on my 48 oz stainless steel water bottle snapped after pulling and tugging on it for over a year. I ordered this handle to replace the strap and it just has not disappointed me yet.It was super easy to install on the bottle and it has stayed put ever since. The strap shows no signs of damage, wear, or tear after nearly a year of usage, and it has added great personality to my water bottle as well. Would definitely recommend this product!

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