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Hydro Flask Tops To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Hydro Flask Tops ergonomic design makes it comfortable to drink from It locks the cap out of your way for access to your drink without no smacking back into your face. Your nose won’t be touched by the Hydro Flask Tops cover while drinking. The handle loop is made of durable thickened pp to achieve durability. Smooth edge ensures comfortable carrying with 1~2 fingers and allows clipping it to your bag. The loop is rotatable, easy to store and transport. One-click open design allows for one-handed open and close without your fingers touching the mouth piece. Silicone plug and gasket prevent your beverage from spilling out and are easy to disassemble for cleaning thoroughly.

Hydro Flask Tops Lid Replacement Cap for Hydro Flask Water Bottle

BOTTLE BOTTLE Flip Top Lid Replacement Cap for Hydro Flask 12 OZ, 18 OZ, 21 OZ, 24OZ Water Bottle Portable Carrying Loop Handle HydroFlask Lid

Hydro Flask Tops Features

SIZE – Fits the 12 oz,18 oz, 21 oz, 21 oz and 24oz, 1.69 Inch Diameter Hydrto Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottles. ➤ NOTICE: This lid is not apply to other brand water bottles such as Thermoflask water botle, please measure your bottle before purchasing.

EASY TO CARRY – Portable handle loop for convenient grip and carry. It provides the ideal solution for on-the-go hydration needs.

LEAK PROOF – One-click open allows for one-handed open and close. Secure locking is tested strictly to hold every drop inside the bottle

EASY DRINKING – Top cover is fixed elaborately and will not bump against your nose while drinking. Drinking spout allows for a generous flow of water without having to suck too hard.Due to the caliber at the mouth of the lid, we do not recommend placing large ice cubes and other items in the bottle. Prevent influence on user experience

BPA FREE – Made of 100% BPA-free plastics material


Will this top fit the 21 oz Hydro Flask? The label on the bottom says standard.

SIZE-Fits the 12 oz, 18 oz, 21 oz, 21 oz ,24oz, 1.91 Inch Diameter Hydro Flask Standard Mouth Water Bottles. Please notice: This lid is not apply to other brand water bottles such as Thermoflask water bottle, please measure your bottle before purchasing.

Does this fit a thermo flask?

Don’t know without more data — how big? Standard opening? Fits my 21 oz hydro flask, which has a 1 and 3/4″ mouth. Don’t know about a thermos flask, but measure it and see. The twists should be standard.

Is this really leak proof? Hydroflask brand sport top is a joke, looking for good quality with no leaking.

I’ve had this for 8 months and have never had a leak, even when it’s fallen over and remained prone for 15 mins. I really like it…it’s easy to drink from and much better than a straw version…at least for me. I have swallowing issues and they are much less severe with this vs. a straw-type lid. No mold as a few others have mentioned. The only reason I’ll be replacing it soon is because the little rubber band at the hinge broke. It still works, of course, it just doesn’t pop open like it did. I may just wait until the main sealant band breaks…like I said, it still works but I need to give it a little nudge to open once I press the release, otherwise it works just fine. I carry it by the handle all the time and it’s as sturdy as ever. Really glad I purchased this lid when I bought my 24oz Hydro Flask. So, short story long, the answer is Yes…..it really is leak proof!!

Reviews & Experience

EInSea: Purchased this Hydro Flask Tops and Reviewed that “Works great, completely leak proof” I ordered this for my 24 oz hydro flask. I prefer having onething one handed without a lot of small bits that make it hard to clean and this was perfect. Sturdy handle, as well. It does make it a little taller so when I had it in my mini backpack, it pushed up against the top of the bag, but still fits.

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