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Hydro Flask Cap To Buy - Reviews & Experience

New and improved design replacement Hydro Flask Cap for insulated water bottle with 1.75″ inner screw mouth diameter, or 1.91″ outer screw mouth diameter. Built to work with TOPOKO standard mouth, hydro standard mouth flask, Simple Modern Ascent, Classic Kleen Kanteen, Standard Mouth Rehydrate and Water Vault 24 oz and other standard mouth water bottles.

Hydro Flask Cap - Simple Modern Ascent, Hydro Flask Standard Mouth & Multi-Compatible with 1.91" Mouth

Straw Lid for Hydro Flask Standard Mouth, Simple Modern Ascent. Improved Replacement Cap Multi-Compatible with 1.91" Mouth 18 oz, 21 oz, 24 oz Insulated Water Bottle Flip Top

Hydro Flask Cap Features

New and Improved Design: This package comes with 2lids, 4 straws (2 soft silcone straw and 2 hard plastic straw, 2 brushes and 2 carabiners. We made the straw extra long on purpose, which enables you to trim the straw to fit all types of bottle sizes, both short and long. Our standard mouth straw lid is truly a revolutionary upgrade for your beloved Hydro Flask Standard Mouth, Simple Modern Ascent, or any stainless steel water bottle with the standard mouth size of 1.9″ in diameter.

Inspired by Nature: State of the art double wall structure design, TOP QUALITY silicon straw on the market, patent pending. Double wall structure creates a vacuum to keep your water cold or hot. Our new improved design outperforms other brand’s straw lid in terms of insulation by up to 100%.

Practical for Daily Use: Absolutely leak proof, no more accidental drips that damp your bag or wet your books. Once you closed our straw lid properly, you can rest assured that it will not leak even laying down in your backpack. The brush makes it easier to clean the straws. And you can carry your beloved water bottle everywhere by clip it to your backpack with our lid and carabiner.

Polished Large Round Handle and Mouth Piece: Easy to carry, and easy to drink from. Special patent structure and easy carry handle makes it perfect for physical and outdoor activities, as well as day to day tasks. Our unique oval shape mouth opening gives you the joy of drinking with the maximum flow of water, effectively reduce annoying sipping sound.

BPA-Free Guarantee: Made with food grade BPA free plastic and silicone, it will not create any unpleasant flavors to your drinks. You can trust it for your daily cold and hot beverage intakes.


How do we know for sure this is bpa free? the package recieved doesn’t state that it is and has suspect mis-spelling and translations. (25oz. silver)

Unlike Aluminum, stainless steel doesn’t require a barrier between your food and it. Therefore, there’s no plastic in your bottle, therefore it is bpa free. However, I am just a customer who loved the bottle, not a seller who might know much more about it.
You can always research online if you are worried about stainless steel containing bpa.
Hope that helps, Good Luck!

Is there a vent hole that leaks if you tip it up when not using the straw?

Hello, thank you for your question. When you don’t use a straw, as long as you close the straw lid, there will be no leakage. The vent will only exist after you open the straw lid to facilitate drinking.

Will this by any chance work with a narrow mouth 26oz rtic bottle?

The lid does work on the rtic narrow mouth bottle. The included straws will not reach the bottom of the taller 26 Oz bottles though. I had to find another, longer straw to have it reach the bottom of the bottle.


Reviews & Experience

Lila F. Atherton: Purchased this Hydro Flask Cap and Reviewed that “Best straw top ever!!!” I Like everything about this. It does exactly what I was hoping it would do it’s made it easy to drink out of without a lot of noise and it is leak proof.

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