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Nalgene 16 Oz To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Nalgene 16 Oz Wide Mouth Tritan is BPA Free and Made in the USA. Nalgene 16 Oz has high impact resistance. Loop top cap is attached to prevent falling off or getting lost. Will not retain odors. Printed water measurements are optional Nalgene logo/brand is required.

Nalgene 16 OZ Water Bottle - Wide Mouth & BPA-Free

Nalgene Sustain Tritan BPA-Free Water Bottle Made with Material Derived from 50% Plastic Waste, 16 OZ, Wide Mouth

Nalgene 16 Oz Features

ColorRustic Orange
Capacity0.5 Liters
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

BPA free, made using the finest plastics and metals

Great for use in both outdoor and indoor activities

Great look and innovative carrying solutions for your liquids

Tough and impact resistant

Leak proof design

Dishwasher safe and won’t retain odors

BPA Free Container

The marking is only till 14oz. Bottle can be filled with 16oz water.


Does one have to unscrew entire cap to get drink? I would find this inconvenient while on step machine, treadmill or any other cardio machine.

You might be happier with a different bottle / lid style. Wide mouth bottles are not for people who want to drink from a small hole. I love my wide mouth bottles. The simple design of the lid, and wide mouth bottle design, makes them very easy to clean. Pouring in or out is fast and easy, seal is quick and leakproof, bottles are extremely tough and durable. You might prefer a narrow mouth, or fitness style bottle. Nalgene makes many other styles. 

I like drinking from a wide-mouth bottle. Is it easy to remove and replace the top with a quick turn?

The lid is easy to screw, but does take several full rotations to fully tighten so there are no leaks. I drink out of mine directly everyday, but did detach the lid by popping it off from the bottle. I find this makes it easier to unscrew the lid and to drink without the lid flopping on my nose, and I can still use the loop that used to go around the neck of the bottle as a handle.

Two 32oz. bottles of same color appear identical but different prices. what’s difference? improved |grey w/ blue cap $7.87 grey w/ blue cap $9.99

That is a different seller. The “improved” one is listed at $7.87 + $21.99 shipping, which means it is likely a seller overseas who is selling a counterfeit bottle. The “Grey w/ Blue cap” listing is the legitimate Nalgene bottle.

Reviews & Experience

Garf: Have Purchased this Nalgene 16 Oz water bottle and Reviewed that “Gear for Middle-Earth” I misread the size of this bottle thinking it was 32oz. It isn’t. I’m too lazy to send it back, but my neighbor is a chain smoking hobbit, so I’ll leave it in front of his apartment. It’s a fully functional mini nalgene bottle in this prescription pill bottle color I was hoping to print a fake prescription label for.

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