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Nalgene Replacement Cap To Buy - Reviews & Experience

You can easily sip from the Nalgene Replacement Cap without stopping what you’re doing because to its one-handed cap design. For Your Daily Explorations! Bring your Nalgene bottle with you anywhere you go, including the gym, the office, camping, and travelling. It is the perfect size for workbags, gym bags, and backpacks thanks to its sleek design and leak-proof cover. With confidence, put your OTF in your pack. The straightforward lock keeps everything dry. When you take a sip, the Nalgene Replacement Cap won’t hit your nose because of how the hinge was built. You can discover a Nalgene product that does the job, whether you’re searching for a nearly indestructible water bottle for a backcountry journey or you want a clean, environmentally friendly solution to store your dry pasta.

Nalgene Replacement Cap with BPA-Free Water Bottle

Nalgene On The Fly BPA-Free Water Bottle Replacement Cap

Nalgene Replacement Cap Features

Capacity1.4 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group
Number of Items1

With the OTF’s convenient, one-handed cap design, you don’t have to drop everything to take a sip

For Your Everyday Adventures! Take your Nalgene bottle to the gym, office, camping, exploring and everywhere in between.

Its slim shape and leak-proof cap make it ideal for workbags, gym bags, and backpacks alike.

Put your OTF in your pack with confidence. The simple to use lock keeps things dry.

We designed the hinge so the lid stays in place and won’t bump your nose when you take a swig.

Whether you’re looking for a virtually indestructible water bottle for a backcountry adventure, or you want a clean, green way of storing your dry pasta, you’ll find a Nalgene product that gets the job done.

Nalgene is a proud part of Thermo Fisher Scientific, for 70 years Nalgene has been making a wide range of BPA/BPS free reusable water bottles and containers to suit your personal preferences, needs and lifestyle here in the USA.


Will this Nalgene OTF Bottle Lid fit the 48 ounce Nalgene bottle?

I know it will fit the 32 oz bottle, so will probably work on the 48 oz. We’ve had trouble keeping the lid closed and 48 oz is a lot of liquid to clean up after a spill. Take a look at the capcap by humangear. Looks like a better design and less prone to accidents. I originally bought the OTF lid to replace one of ours that broke when the bottle was dropped. The capcap might be less likely to break, especially with the 3 lbs of liquid crashing down on it.

Is this the cap or a retail display for bottles and such? The description doesn’t match the title.

This is the cap only. As a replacement item in the event the existing cap is faulty and needs replacement. So rather then buying a new bottle you can just purchase the cap.

Will this fit a wide mouth nalgene bottle?

This top fits the standard Nalgene bottle. Not the smaller top, and I’m not sure what the wide mouth Nalgene is. But it will fit the standard (read original) Nalgene bottle size.

Reviews & Experience

Gregory Roberts: Have Purchased this Nalgene Replacement Cap and Reviewed that “Awesome lid upgrade.” Replaced my standard Nalgene lid with this one after destroying I. In the dishwasher. This one is super easy to use. The lock feature is nice, in that it gives piece of mind when throwing upside down in a pack or bag. The lid is still sturdy enough to hang from a pack on a hike as well. Two thumbs up!

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