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Nike Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

The capacity of Nike Water Bottle is 709 ml/24 oz. It is made from 59% Tritan, 29% Polypropylene, 5% Silicone, 5% Nylon, 1% Thermoplastic Elastomer and 1% Polyoxymethylene. Nike Water Bottle has an innovative sliding button for one-handed opening, a removable soft straw for easy cleaning and ergonomic handle. This Nike Water Bottle is BPA free and is made from a durable, impact-resistant construction and features a Nike Graphic with Swoosh logo. The bottle is dishwasher safe and should be washed before first use.

Nike Water Bottle - Big Mouth (22 Oz)

Nike Water Bottle Features

Capacity1.4 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Any Age Group

The capacity of this bottle is 650 ml/22 oz

The bottle is dishwasher safe and should be washed before first use.

The water bottle has a Nike graphic with Swoosh logo printed on the bottle.

It is made from 73% low-density polyethylene, 23% polypropylene, 4% silicone.

Reviews & Experience

Jayne: Purchased this Nike Water Bottle and Reviewed that “Does not leak” These are the only water bottles that I can put in my bag knowing that they will not leak, and I’ve had lots over the decades. It can also be washed in the dishwasher which is very important to me. As well as that, it is easy to drink from as it can be squeezed to get the water out. They are reasonably priced and so a much better job than all of the more expensive bottles I have bought in the past. I now have 3 of these bottles.