Primo countertop water dispenser

Primo Countertop Water Dispenser To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Free self-service water refill available at tens of thousands of retail locations around the country. dispenses using a push tab that is easy to use.
Primo Countertop Water Dispenser able to be moved both inside and outside of your home. Elevate Primo Countertop Water Dispenser so you can conveniently fill tall cups. takes 3- or 5-gallon reusable water bottles, which cut down on the trash produced by single-serve bottles and disposable filters.

Primo Countertop Water Dispenser for 5 Gallon Bottle with Stand

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Primo Ceramic Countertop Water Jug Dispenser/Crock with Stand, Water Dispenser for 5 Gallon Bottle

Primo Countertop Water Dispenser Features

Capacity5 Gallons
StyleTop Loading

COUPON for Primo water included: FREE self-service water refill, redeemable at thousands of retail locations nationwide.

REFRESHING ambient-temperature water on demand: Dispenses with a simple-to-use push tab.

ELECTRICITY-FREE: Moveable to anywhere in or out of your home.

Ceramic body is DISHWASHER SAFE for easy cleaning.

Includes WOODEN STAND: Elevate the dispenser so you can fill tall glasses with ease.

EARTH-FRIENDLY: Takes reusable 3 or 5 gallon water bottles, which reduce waste from single-serve bottles and disposable filters

1-year warranty included.


My new primo leaks at the connection between bottle and dispenser. I have the provided gasket in place. What am I doing wrong??

Could be you aren’t tightening it enough. There should be two gaskets, one on the outside and one on the inside. If that’s still not fixed it you might have either a crack in the spigot/gasket or the ceramic has a crack. There aren’t that many things that could go wrong so hopefully one of those things is your answer.

What are the dimensions of the stand and also the porcelain dispenser?

Don’t worry about that. Just know that the porcelain is garbage and will leak and cause mold eventually. Don’t buy this.

Do you need the rubber gasket for the bottle to fit securely on the crock? I’m worried about slipage.

I bought an extra rubber gasket and then found that one came with the crock I bought, so I have an extra one. That said, I don’t put my bottle on the top of the crock. I pour the water in the crock and put the glass lid on over the gasket. I think the gasket may allow air into the bottle enough so the spigot will work to let the water out. 

Reviews & Experience

Amber: Have Purchased this Primo Countertop Water Dispenser and Reviewed that “Makes life easier” When you have 4 huge dogs, filling up the bowl constantly is a pain. Bending over, walking to the sink etc. I don’t like the waterers with the reservoir on them, because you can’t rinse the bowl until the reservoir is empty. Nobody likes a slobbery bowl. This was a perfect solution

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