Contigo AUTOSPOUT Ashland Water Bottle, 24oz, Smoke


Capacity1.5 Pounds

About this item

  • Lend a Hand: Easy one handed drinking with no lids to remove or lose
  • Eyes Up: Keep your eyes on the task at hand with the convenient pop up straw on this autospout Straw lid
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  • Cleaner Drinking: Protective spout cover keeps out gross dirt and germs
  • Seal It In: Leak proof lid (when closed) for on the go convenience
  • Every Last Drop angled straw in order to get every last sip

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By: Danae Green

great for my bike. No more having to tilt up!
I use mine for my bike. I hate having to tip my head back while biking to drink from standard bike bottles as it makes me lose balance. So the straw feature is great. (I know that you can squeeze regular bike bottles, but my hand strength is poor due to arthritis and you end up getting mostly air unless the bottle is full)
I can easily operate it one-handed while biking.
It isn’t hard to clean as far as contigos or straws go, but you do have to clean the straw.(I normally avoid straws in my other water bottles for this reason) but this one isn’t bad to clean as straws go.
Other reviewers say it doesn’t fit in a bike cage – I will say it was tight, and I pulled the cage slightly to loosen it. Now it fits easily.
Obviously the larger 32 oz won’t fit in a bike cage!

By: Nicole D

Great bottle for everyday use
I’d seen these on QVC a few times, and they always looked pretty nice. But, I have quite the collection of water bottles and the last thing I needed was another one. So, I did what any normal person would do – waited a few months and impulsively bought one from Amazon one day. 🙂

It’s quite a nice bottle. I like that you don’t have to leave the straw / spout exposed to office germs when you’re not drinking. Just click the button to drink and pop it back down when you’re done. There is a lock feature on the spout, which is nice if you were to toss the bottle in a bag and didn’t want to accidentally pop it open. Although, I wouldn’t totally recommend that, because I’ve noticed that it does seem to leak from time to time (like, if I put a flavoring in the bottle and shake it up – sometimes it spits out water). I like that the straw is nice and long, so you can get down to ALMOST the bottom of the bottle when you sip. There is usually 1/4 inch of liquid that I can’t seem to get out with the straw, so I just sip it out while I have the lid off to refill.

I also really like the way it comes apart to put it in the dishwasher. I’ve had some pretty nice water bottles and just never felt like I could get them REALLY clean. The straw screws off of the lid, so you can put the lid, straw and bottle all in the dishwasher. They seem to come nice and clean that way. If it didn’t leak at all, it would be perfect. But, as-is, I really can’t complain. I was thinking of buying another one to rotate on and off when this one is in the wash. I’d definitely recommend it!

By: online shopaholic

Color Me Impressed!
I did not expect this quality product when I ordered it. When you order a water-bottle this cheap, you expect something cheap as well. But this product is of high quality. It feels durable – not fragile at all. It literally feels good in your hand. The flip lid is easy to use and not a hassle – didn’t even know it had the feature when I ordered it; and I love the little latch – like a carabiner – it can hook onto other things – belt-loop – clip onto maybe a bike or whatever you want. I haven’t had the product long enough to testify that the seal will hold, but I can tell that it won’t leak for – at least a year – probably more – using it everyday. Obviously, I’m very impressed with this product which is why I have gone out my way to leave an appropriate – much deserved – review.

By: Paula Norton

Exactly what I wanted
LOVE this water bottle. Exactly what I was looking for. If you’ve ever tried tipping up a no-straw water bottle while running on the treadmill (and fallen off – eye roll), you’ll know why this small feature is so important. I like the locking spout that flips up with a flick. I drag this bottle around (and drop it) everywhere. Word to the wise – I was very fortunate to notice a note inside about the straw. If you’re not getting suction, or you’re getting a lot of air, you have to turn the straw (like a screw). I never would have guessed. It can work itself loose as you’re jamming it down through ice cubes, but a simple twist tightens it right back up. This thing is excellent.

By: B. Sanchez

Good and reliable water bottle
Happy I got this, it encourages me to stay hydrated. Easy to use. Does leak a bit from the part where you screw in the top if it’s sideway or upside down. Been using it for a while and have no issues with the button/mechanism for the spout. The straw does a good job of letting you drink most if not all the liquid you put in there.