Ello syndicate glass water bottle- bottle silicone sleeve


ColorBold Blue
MaterialGlass, Silicone
Capacity1.3 Pounds

About this item

  • Everything Tastes Better in Glass: 20 oz water bottle made of odor-free, stain-free, and clean tasting glass. This large water bottle is the perfect addtion to car travel, a gym routine, and more.
  • Good to Go: Equipt with a locking, one-touch flip lid that lets you drink directly from glass, not plastic. A silicone sleeve protects against chips and cracks.
  • Easy Cleaning: All parts are dishwasher safe. No need to remove silicone sleeve for cleaning.
  • Clean, Safe, Green: All parts are BPA free. Our sleeve and lid seal are made of FDA food grade silicone.
  • Peace of Mind: Ello’s Lifetime Guarantee protects purchases from authorized retailers.

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By: Call of Kthalia

Fantastic glass bottle at a great price! Pick up two! 🙂
I’ve been wanting one of these bottles for years, after first seeing their kind at a health food store to the tune of $30+. And as much as I favored glass over plastic, I waited. And I guess I sort of forgot, too. Looks like there are a lot of options out there in a much more affordable range!

So, I looked at a bunch, played with them, and ended up picking the Ello Syndicate, for a number of reasons, though there are some things I wish they had/or didn’t. Here are my thoughts:

– Pure taste/ No residual smells: I love the glass bottle idea so much. It really does keep the taste so much more pure, and the odor from drinking non-water drinks is not a constant residue like it was in my reusable plastic bottles.

– Flip-top lid: You can use this one-handed. The lid pushes up and away from the bottle opening and you can drink without it hitting you in the face, or losing the cap. Fantastic!
– No Spills: I use my bottles on the go and at home. We have large dogs – and a blind dog – so we occasionally have spills. Also, we live in the country with horses and we get bugs like flies in the summer. Even if it’s just one that gets inside, it’s the one that goes in fresh-made iced coffee!!

Silicone Sleeve!
– Grippy Protection: This sleeve works great. It makes it easy to hold the bottle and it provides decent protection from bumps and jostles of everyday use. You – or your toddler – drop this on the tile and it may still break. It’s GLASS. Even plastic, the glassy type, could still shatter if dropped wrong on tile.

Dishwasher Safe!
– Easy to clean: So many travel mugs aren’t DW safe. Especially coffee tumblers or insulated containers. They can be great but if it’s a pain to wash em… or if someone who isn’t paying attention tosses them in the DW and breaks em… well, that stinks. This is easy to wash. Just remove the lid, open the lid so the soap can get all inside it (including that spot some people are getting black mold) and pop it all in the top rack.
– Tip #1: With many items that the DW doesn’t thoroughly dry like cups, tupperware or anything with crevices or things that catch water like lips or indents – Dry this on a dish rack and let it dry all the way before sealing it back up again. This also should help prevent mold growth.
– Tip #2: Get a couple for each person using the bottles. You can then easily rotate each day for cleaning and drying out.

Great price!
– Affordable: Compared to the $30+ a pop when I first saw these bottles years ago, this is a nice price, and you can probably afford to get a couple (which helps keep them clean as per above). The MSRP seems to be $14.99. I got my first two at a Target and liked them so well I grabbed a couple online here at Amazon. One was on sale, the other was MSRP. I am still very pleased with the product and the price.

Replacement lids!
– Economical and Environmental: Don’t toss (or recycle) the whole thing if the lid breaks. Grab a new topper! Ello Syndicate Glass Water Bottle Replacement Lid, Coral . If not available on Amazon (they were before but aren’t now) you can likely order from the company directly.

– I have dropped mine – on to the carpet but it smacked on it’s side on the table, hit the wall and then the carpet – twice now and it was fine. The only thing that occurred was that, one time, the seal popped inside the cap and it leaked a bit. I was drinking a carbonated beverage (Emergen-C and Alka Seltzer for my sinus that were messed up from a recent, nearby fire) and that and the tumble and fall from standing desk height caused the temporary leak.

Design changes I would like:
Handle: Although the little ribbon handle is sturdy it seems a tiny bit too short (and I have small female hands). I would like it to be long enough to work like a wristlet. It also is fabric, so every time you wash it, it remains wet. You can *mostly* dry it, but you have to put effort into that – squeezing it with a dish towel repeatedly – and it will remain damp for a little while. When I hand rinse between uses of one bottle on the same day this is annoying. I wish it were plastic or silicon or rubber. Anything less porous than a grosgain ribbon.

Option for a shorter/fatter bottle with this same lid and silicon sheathing. As mentioned, I use these at home and on the go. On the go this model is perfection – it fits in even my teeny weeny cart cupholders. At home it is more likely to topple due to it’s height and tiny footprint. I would LOVE a model this design, this size (maybe bigger honestly though! 32oz!) but stubby so it can’t tip over.

Bottom line: I love this bottle and the price is right! I highly recommend it and will likely get more in the future – particularly if they make a large stubby model of the Syndicate! 😉
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By: EC

Best water bottle
I love this water bottle for several reasons.
1. It’s glass. Glass is just better than plastic because plastics leak plastic into your water. I would argue this is even better than stainless steel in terms of taste. It’s just a cleaner flavor and doesn’t absorb taste from the previous liquid like stainless steel does. I’ve switched between juice to water and there’s no lingering juice flavor. Glass is also great if you like to drink warm water. The silicone also allows you to carry it without burning your fingers.
2. It’s one piece. There’s no futzing with a top. I love this for two reasons. As a new mom, I do almost everything single handed. Before I became a mom, this was amazing for walking the dogs because no one wants to handle any part of a water bottle going into your mouth with the same hand you use to pick up dog poop.
3. The strap. The strap is great for walks or just going around the house with baby in hand. You just dangle it from your hand as you walk.
4. I’ve dropped this at least 10 times from table height and it’s survived. The bottle was on its side and rolled off. I don’t think the silicone around it will allow it to just slide off. I’ve also dropped it while dangling it from the strap. Now, all these drops were on hardwood floors so I can’t say what will happen on something harder like concrete.

The only downside of this bottle is how heavy it is, but you really can’t find a glass water bottle that is this durable without some weight.

By: wylona

Loved it so much I bought it 2x
My first one broke when I took the silicone sleeve off and dropped it. I could have just used a different one or bought another glass tumbler right away but I honestly love this one so much I looked it up and waited for it to arrive in the mail.

The locking cap works. This thing gets jostled around in my bag all the time and I’ve never had any leaks. I also love that it’s glass because it doesn’t stain hold weird odors like plastic or metal. The shape and weight is just right and comfortable to hold, plus it has a silicone loop strap.

By: BookGirlBooks

attractive and practical
This is the perfect glass water bottle! It seals perfectly and I didn’t realize it but it has a lock, so I can throw it in a purse or backpack and it does not leak.

By: Mary Ann Swan

Best water bottle so far
The best