Glass Water Bottle With Straw Lid And Silicone Sleeve Wide Mouth Water Bottles 25oz 3Lids Sports Glass Water Bottles For Outdoor (Gray)



MaterialGlass, Silicone

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  • BPA Free: This water bottle is made by glass, it is eco-friendly safe and healthy, because stainless steels taste and plastic is toxic. You can add grapefruit essential to your water.
  • Wide Mouth: The mouth of the bottle is large enough to add ice cubes, water, sports drinks, juice, coffee, tea and more on. And it is easy to clean.
  • Offered With 3Lids:The lids offer different drinking options while not leaking when tipped. If you dropped the bottle on a ceramic tile floor, the bottle has the best sleeve and 3lids,so you can change the lids, GOOD AS NEW.
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  • Easy To Carry And Hard Broken:25oz glass water bottle with 6 colors silicone sleeve, and it protects the bottle from breaking.
  • Includes Straw spout, Flip Sport Cap and Carry Loop, straw brush +two straws, Glass bottle, silicone sleeve,after-sale card.

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By: Brenda Cobb Murphy

Worth the money
I am very happy with my purchase of the yellow water bottle, and I love the 3 lid-choices. It’s well-made, colorful, and I like the grip and pattern on the silicone sleeve. I got the two I bought from two different sites (both Tops & Tops). This one came with 2 straws and a straw brush, the mint blue didn’t have the extra straw or brush. There are both Pros & Cons, so think about how you want to use it before you buy one. Pros: This is a great water bottle for home use. I have two of them and am considering a third. I wanted to begin using glass instead of plastic, plus have something large enough so I don’t have to refill it constantly. Cons: It says leakproof, but the pop-up top is NOT leakproof, and if you take it somewhere don’t tilt it. Maybe the straw top and the screw-on top don’t leak, but this one does. The cap is nothing more than hard plastic, nothing in it to keep it from leaking, plus it doesn’t even fit tightly. When I shook it upside down over the sink it dripped. That isn’t an issue if you plan to use it at home, but don’t use it anywhere it will tilt. The cap will prevent spillage, but that’s all. If tilted much or shaken it will leak. Also, it’s quite heavy (understandable being this large and with thick glass), which isn’t an issue except that the flip-cap lid cap won’t stay open, so you have to hold it open or it flops down onto your face. That means it takes two hands to drink from, as one can’t hold the weight at the top of the bottle plus hold the cap open. One hand holds it towards the middle of the bottle for the weight, while the other holds the cap off your face. It deserves 5 stars though, and for the price it’s definitely worth the money.

By: Nandi Nasir

Gym Perfect
I only drink out of glass containers now and recently, accidentally broke my previous glass drinking bottle while at the gym. I immediately ordered this one the same day and received this new one the next evening. I abusive like this one better. The design was more thought out, as far as the coverage of the outside protective covering. There were nice color options available (I chose the blue) because my husband already has a red bottle and I wanted something different.

By: Aaron A. Funtanilla

Great water bottle
I have only tried the straw top but I do lo e that I have the option to change the top lid

By: Erika ¤¿¤

No funky smell ever, we’re moving to only glass bottles
Safe for the kiddos too with the sleeve protection! Love the different lid options. Great purchase! Will buy again!


I think its a great glass bottle
Overall this is a great bottle. You have many options to choose from in terms of lids and there are replaceable straws just in case. One thing I did not like as much was the top with the pop off opening. Its not really secure so if you were to put it in your bag it could open up pretty easily and spill everything out. Thats the one downside. Otherwise, I would just use the other lids with out problem.
I did drop this at waist height on crushed concrete and it survived.
I like it and Im happy to see it holds the water and doesn’t leak. Looks good too.