Lifefactory 22-Ounce BPA-Free Glass Water Bottle with Classic Cap and Protective Silicone Sleeve, Onyx


Capacity650 Milliliters

About this item

  • All components made in the U.S. Or Europe
  • Dishwasher safe (place cap on top rack/no need to remove silicone sleeve)
  • Our BPA-free glass bottles offer a pure taste with no leaching from plastics or metals and have Wide-Mouth access to add ice cubes, citrus slices or tea bags
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By: IHeartOnlineShopping

Finally a glass water bottle that doesn’t contain lead!
I’ve searched high and low for the perfect glass water bottle. Despite claims of being BPA free, lead free, etc most of the made in China brands contain lead as I found out the hard way. I was skeptical when ordering the Lifefactory brand because I had never heard of the brand before…I am no longer skeptical.

This Lifefactory water bottle holds 22 ounces of water or whatever liquid you decide to put in it. The lid has a great design and is made out of plastic. There is a rubberized gripper surface under the handle for easy carrying. There is a silicone sleeve on this water bottle that is purple.

I intended on removing the silicone sleeve. I could not get it off the bottle. I ended up having to cut the sleeve. I wish Lifefactory offered their bottles without the sleeves as I do not need the sleeves at all because I am allergic to silicone.

The silicone sleeve is made in the United States and the glass bottle itself is made in France. The plastic lid is made in Poland. I love the fact that no part of this water bottle is made in China.

With other glass bottles that I have tried, the water tastes almost mildew like because of the chemicals used to make the glass. That is not the case with this bottle at all. The water tastes just like it does coming out of our filtered pitcher when I pour it in a glass…crisp and cold.

The glass that this bottle is made out of is lead free and BPA free. I ran a test on the water that I put in this bottle and no contaminants showed up which is always a good sign. I also can tell by the taste of the water that there are no added chemicals used to make this bottle.

I fill this water bottle ahead of time and store it in the fridge. It gets extremely cold to the touch. I generally don’t drink out of the water bottle but pour it into a cup. I think the rim of this water bottle would be hard to drink out of because it is wide enough to stick ice cubes in, they do have other lids you can buy separately.

I am so happy with this product that I have already ordered six of their baby bottles and I can’t wait to use them. I am also looking forward to getting some of their glasses for using at the table as well. I couldn’t be more thrilled with this product.

By: Dee

I just got this today and I love it. The bottle is designed ergonomically not only in shape but to give you a good natural grip with a cool decorative silicone wrap on the bottle too. Easy to hand wash with a little soapy water and a bottle brush that’s it. The glass bottle is nice and thick so it’s not going to break easily. It’s not tempered glass so you don’t want to put it in the freezer, microwave or boil it and go right from cold to hot liquids or it will crack/break, but I don’t think it was intended for hot liquids anyway. I wanted something glass so my water isn’t contaminated with plastics where more and more are being identified as leaching chemicals into the liquids it contains. Now it’s not just BPA, it’s BPS and others too so plastic in general in contact with food and liquids are not a healthy combination to include plastic wrap, plastic storage, including frozen food and styrofoam, etc. I have even discovered after buying milk in glass bottles, it tastes much better and I’m sure it’s because the plastic milk bottles are adding a taste from chemicals leaching into it from sitting in contact with plastic. Now on this bottle is Plastic #5 Skew top (Polypropylene (PP) is a thermoplastic polymer. It is strong, tough, has a high resistance to heat and acts as a barrier to moisture). Although I wish it wasn’t, it also doesn’t actually sit in contact with the liquid; it is just a cap cover and to pour with, which only has a brief contact with the liquid as you drink. A metal cap would be ideal to be totally plastic free but I haven’t seen one that is a sip style yet. This glass bottle is the best one I found in all my research.

By: J. Jones

I am a little obsessed!
I wanted a water bottle that didn’t make water taste like plastic or metal, or have to worry about harmful chemicals (even if they say they aren’t harmful). I also wanted something that I could use all day, and keep my cats from shoving their paws or faces in my water (I used to go through a lot of cups). I figured I would give the Lifefactory bottles a shot, and now I am a little obsessed (I now have 3; I had a 4th, but it died during a brief encounter with the sidewalk). The 22 oz. bottle is great because it requires fewer fill-ups. It is easy to track my water consumption, and I have increased the amount of water I drink. I also drink a lot of seltzer water, and this holds just about 2 cans (minus a sip). I haven’t had issues with it leaking water, but if you use it for seltzer (or anything with bubbles) be advised that this does seep through if not held upright. They are very easy to clean, easy to carry, and very solid/sturdy. The one that I tragically lost, however, was because the lid fell off while I was carrying it. I am an aggressive arm-swinger and was carrying it by the cap, so that may have been the issue (or the cap threads weren’t as good as the other ones that I have). Lesson learned – don’t swing arms if carrying by cap, or hold the bottle itself and swing away!

I recommend this bottle to anyone and everyone I meet!! One of my best purchases lately.

By: ewerner

This received the highest rating on America’s test kitchen I only wish I had purchased it with a different type of spout so that I could drink from it more easily without removing the cap. Now I will have to buy a separate cap for it which does not make me thrilled.

By: Erin S.

Love it
Bought to drink more water and works like a charm. I am more of a guzzler and nice to have the glass option with the easy open top and silicone protector.