Primo Purified Water with Minerals Added for Taste in 5 Gallon Bottles (2 bottles)

Flavor Purified water with minerals added for taste
Brand Primo Water
Package Information Bottle
Weight 90 Pounds
Volume 10 Gallons

About this item

  • Two 5-gallon bottles of Primo purified water with minerals added for taste, delivered to your home or office.
  • Sold in 2 bottle increments with no contact delivery
  • Primo water is purified using a 9-step reverse osmosis process
  • The Primo 5-gallon water bottle is durable, reusable and refillable, allowing for many cleaning/sanitization cycles and refills over the course of its up to 40-use lifetime
  • The empty 5-gallon bottles can be picked up with each subsequent delivery

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