ZULU Atlas Glass Water Bottle with Silicone Sleeve, 20 oz, Teal


MaterialGlass, Silicone
Capacity1.3 Pounds

About this item

  • Engineered for Athletes: 20 oz Glass water bottle that is the perfect addition to car travel, a gym routine, and more.
  • Built to Take a Hit: Silicone sleeve provides impact protection and a no-slip grip.
  • Totally Leak-Proof: One touch push button lid with lock is completely leak-proof.
  • Stay Healthy, Stay Hydrated: All parts are dishwasher safe. No need to remove silicone sleeve. All parts are BPA free.
  • Got You Covered: ZULU’s Lifetime Guarantee protects purchases from authorized retailers.
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By: Venom

100% would buy again.
I love this, best glass bottle I’ve purchased. And…I’m not the most careful person, so I was very pleased when I dropped this on a hard floor (not carpet) it didn’t break. The silicone wrap helps protect the glass. 5star.

By: Lester R.

Low volume, high weight. But worth it.
If you appreciate good tasting water or drinks this will work because it is glass. The strap seems to work well. I could not test for very long because mine failed prematurely due to user error. I have tried a few other bottles with screw on lids and different handles but this is my favorite so far.

By: Jocelwynn

Fantastic value, great customer service
I love this water bottle! I ordered it because I was tired of having a plastic taste in my water from my old bottle, and this one seemed like the best value for price.

The top flips open and you drink from the rim of the glass bottle. The top has a mechanism that keeps it from falling closed and hitting you in the face when you drink. It’s easier to keep clean than one with a spout or straw, although the mouth is narrow enough you’ll need a bottle brush to clean the bottom. The cap snaps closed securely, and has a switch which will lock the open button. I would imagine this would be useful if you were carrying the bottle in a backpack and didn’t want anything opening it unexpectedly. It also has a handy carrying strap that you could use to hook the bottle onto something.

While it’s not technically insulated, I do find that the thick glass walls do a good job keeping the water cold. I’ve left the bottle in a hot car for an hour plus while going shopping, and the water inside is still cool, even though the outside of the bottle feels hot.

I did have a freak accident shortly after ordering, where the silicone sleeve caught on something and ripped. I contacted Zulu directly through their website to see if I could purchase a replacement sleeve (since I felt it hadn’t been the fault of the sleeve, really) and they actually immediately sent me an entire replacement bottle for free! A+++ for customer service.

I can’t imagine the sleeve ripping would be a recurring issue for anyone (and my bottle was still usable, it’s just the rip was annoying my sense of order). I’ve also dropped the bottle several times on tile, pavement, etc. with no breaks or cracks, so the silicone is definitely doing it’s job.

Great value
Lid locks, no spills
Water tastes great
Break resistant
Customer service!

Heavier to carry than plastic bottle
Has to be cleaned with bottle brush – mouth slightly narrow

By: A. Jae Lee

No plastic touches my water.
My acupuncturist told me even BPA-free plastic is not good for me — she wants no plastic touching any liquids I eat, because BPA is the only one banned, but there are many other nasty, harmful chemicals that leak form plastic into your food or drink.

So I did careful research, and there are not a lot of glass water bottles that truly have no plastic touching the water — many have plastic liners in the cap. This one has a metal liner inside the plastic cap, but the plastic is only on the outside. The only other one I found that came with a silicon cover and is thin enough to fit in all of my water bottle holders is this one and the small one my PurifYou

I love the lock feature and the one-handed release. It’s the only glass water bottle I take to the gym. But I wish it was borosilicate glass so that it could withstand hot tea and water, and then I would have more confidence in the durability in general. (But for that, I got the PurifYou, bottle, which is made of borosilicate glass but does not have a convenient pop-up, attached lid — you have to screw off the lid, and that is inconvenient when exercising.)

Its pretty easy to clean, but the silicon cover is a bit of a pain to take off and put back on. So I only take that off once in a while — the rest of the time, I just clean the inside and try to not let too much water get under the silicon cover.

So if you are looking for a work-out water bottle where absolutely no plastic touches your water, this is one of your few options. I plan to get more.

By: Glamma Jacx

I was a skeptic, but I’m eating my words and buying more!
Obviously this is a glass bottle, so it’s a bit heavier than plastic. But honestly by day two I totally didn’t even notice it. I’ve used this bottle all day, every day, for almost two weeks since it arrived and I LOVE it! I was a little sceptical because I HATE drinking out of glasses (weird teeth vs glass thing from childhood) but was so tired of not being able to get plastic water bottles clean enough. (Yep, a little OCD here.) All of the necessary parts come off to clean this thoroughly and there’s no weird smells or after tastes. I’ve gotten used to the glass mouth piece as a fair trade off for true clean! I easily drink 100+oz of water per day with this be it at home, work, the gym, running errands, etc. The finger loop is nice and well made for an easy carry. The silicone is loose enough to remove and clean under if needed, but stays put really nicely when you don’t. I will buy more of these for sure!