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Reduce Water Bottle To Buy - Reviews & Experience

This Reduce water bottle set comes with five (20 oz) refillable water bottles that are the perfect alternative to wasteful plastic bottles for fruit juice or smoothies. Fill, Cool, and Leave. The convenient Reduce water bottle for on-the-go use are perfect for keeping you and your family hydrated at work, school, practices, and while driving. Put Reduce water bottle in your sports bags, backpacks, and handbag. Each 20-ounce water bottle should be refrigerated after being sealed with the leak-proof cap. They are ideal for vacation or as a work lunch box bottle because they are grab-and-go. consists of a functional fridge tray for organisation. Perfect size for backpacks, lunchboxes, workout bags, and any standard cup holder.

Reduce Water Bottle Plus Fridge Tray - Reusable, BPA-Free, LeakProof & Twist Off Cap

Reduce WaterWeek Reusable Water Bottle Set, 20oz – Plastic Reusable Water Bottle Set of 5, Plus Fridge Tray – BPA-Free, Leak Proof Twist Off Cap – You Go Girl

Reduce Water Bottle Features

ColorYou Go Girl
Capacity1.3 Pounds
Age Range (Description)Adult

DURABLE & REUSABLE – This Reduce water bottle set includes 5 refillable water bottles (20 oz) that are ideal as a replacement for wasteful disposable bottled water or fruit juice / smoothie bottles.

CONVENIENT – Fill, Chill, And Go. The handy to-go reusable bottles are ideal for keeping you and your family hydrated at work, school, practice, and on the road. Pack them in your purse, backpacks and sports bags.

LEAK PROOF – Screw on the leak-free cap and store each 20oz water bottle it in the refrigerator. Grab and go as needed, they are perfect for travel or as a work lunch box bottle. Includes a handy fridge tray for organization.

CUPHOLDER FRIENDLY – Perfect size for any standard cup holder, backpacks, lunch boxes and gym bags.

DISHWASHER SAFE + BPA FREE – Each impact-resistant plastic water bottle is easy to use and easy to clean. These dishwasher safe water bottles are BPA free and better for the environment.


Does these swell in the freezer ?

I haven’t done it because to my knowledge all plastic bottles swell
In the freezer. If you really want to. I would only will
Them up 2/3 so the expansion of the water won’t effect the bottle. Maybe even tilt the bottles.

Can these be used for sparkling water?

They can be used for sparkling water. I have used mine for water, lemonade, tea. I fill them up and leave in fridge and when I want one I just grab one. I also use them to take for work.

How wide is the mouth of the bottle?

The bottles are at my father’s house. I purchased them for him. So this is a guess at the actual width of the mouth. It is wider than a normal bottle opening. Without having them in front of me, I would say about an inch and a half to 2 inches.

Reviews & Experience

Sleep till noon: Have Purchased this Reduce Water Bottle and Reviewed that ” Exactly what I needed” Love these! Had almost 2 months and bought more. Firmer bottle than store bought bottled water. Wide mouth top. Caps easy to grip. Leakproof. Clean in dishwasher. I have now stopped buying bottled water and gave away two cases I had because no longer was using them. I bought four other kinds of renewable water bottles before these but none were what I wanted to use. These replicate bottled water but are firmer,have wider top to drink out of and lids are easier to grasp and turn. Plus you can clean them in the dishwasher and buy replacement caps if you lose any. I’m thrilled to never lug a case of bottled water ever again.

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