skinny water bottle

Skinny Water Bottle To Buy-Reviews & Esperance

This is a slim thermos bottle.
skinny water bottle 8.5 Ounces only.
Yes, it’s that small.

That’s what makes it different.

There is always somebody who doesn’t wanna take a cumbersome thermos bottle along.
Somebody likes traveling light.
This slim and skinny thermos skinny water bottle is made for this somebody.

You will love the weight.
You will love the size.
You will love its nice look.

You will love making your shoulders less burdened.

Less is more.
You will love sharing this idea with your parents, kids, friends, whoever you love.

skinny water bottles Size:1 ¾ inches wide and 10 inches tall.
Skinny water bottle Capacity: 250ml / 8.5oz
Material: SUS 304 18/8 stainless steel

Skinny Water Bottle-Insulated Vacuum Thermos Water Bottle Stainless

Insulated Vacuum Thermos Water Bottle Stainless Steel Double Wall Leak Proof Keep Hot and Cold for 8 Hours Slim Skinny Fashionable Flask 8.5 Ounce (Starry Green 8.5 Oz)

Skinny Water Bottle Features ...

Capacity250 Milliliters
ColorStarry Green 8.5 Oz
Product Dimensions1.75″W x 10″H
MaterialStainless Steel

UNIQUE SLIM and SKINNY STYLE: This slim and skinny thermos bottle is easy to carry,in your backpack. You can easily put it into you backpack, purse, gym bag or suitcase. It’s slim skinny and sleek, definitely a stylish choice for fashionable ladies.

DOUBLE WALL VACUUM INSULATION: guarantees excellent temperature retention. It can keep ice cold drinks for about 12 hours, and piping hot drinks for 8 hours.

FOOD GRADE 304 STAINLESS STEEL: This wide mouth thermos bottle is made of high quality food grade SUS 304 18/8 stainless steel. 100% Safe for everyday use.

Perfect Size: 1 ¾ inches wide and 10 inches tall. 250 ml / 8.5 ounce capacity. You can comfortably carry the bottle in your hand. Certainly it is a good choice for kids’s little hands. Perfect volume for a couple of sips at times, without carrying an unnessessary heavy tank of water. This slim and skinny thermos bottle surely is a perfect choice for EDC (Every Day Carrying) or outdoors travelling.



Question: What’s its size? I mean, specifications.

Answer: Super slim. It’s a bit less than 2 inches (1 3/4 inches as it says) wide and 10 inches tall. Holds 8 1/2 oz of liquid.

Question: Is 8 1/2 oz too small?

Answer:For me, it’s perfect. I don’t like big bottle which makes my bag stuffed. The fact is that most of the time you don’t drink up all the water in the bottle. So you actually carring the undrunk water all along your way. This one is just perfect. When you need water, you empty the bottle and refill it. It makes me to drink more water, consequently. I love it.

Question: Is the outside of the lid steel or plastic?

Answer: On mine the lid is some sort of non magnetic metal. Definitely not plastic. The inside of the lid does have plastic threads.

Reviews & Experience

Joyce Barr:  Have purchase this skinny water bottle and and reviewed that “Slim water bottle“I love this water bottle, but the thing I dislike is that the rubber around the cap keeping slipping and it makes the bottle hard to close at time. But overall, this is the idea bottle. I love it.

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