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Water Cooler Stand To Buy - Reviews & Experience

This Water Cooler Stand is great for indoor and outdoor events such as parties, picnics or camping. Use the portable water cooler as an office water dispenser and for the home. This Water Cooler Stand is effortless and simple to use by anyone! Durable, all-plastic design is easy to set up. Rust, peel or corrode resistant Water bottles not included.
Easily organize and store bulky 5 gallon water bottles, Conveniently take the Water Cooler Stand and valve along on camping and hiking trips, to school and sport events, parties, or have one in the office in place of a water cooler. Perfect when using the Dolphin Pump water dispenser. High Columns – Secures gallon bottles & prevents slipping. Perfect for 3 & 5 Gallon Bottles Shelf Space – Provides additional storage for cups & Snacks.

Water Cooler Stand Storage Rack for 5 Gallon Water Bottle

Dolphin 5 Gallon Water Bottle Dispenser Cooler Stand Storage Rack

Water Cooler Stand Features

Capacity5 Gallons
Weight3.5 Pounds

All 3 / 5 / 6 Gallon Bottles will fit on top rack

Very sturdy and easy to assemble

Bottom rack for cups and other accessories

Pairs well with the Dolphin Manual Drinking Water Pump


How sturdy is this? I have a toddler and want to make sure he can’t pull it over on himself.

Its OK for adults, but a toddler might be able to tip it. I would recommend one of the water dispensers where the water loads at the bottom and the dispense pumps it up.

I was led to believe this was a two pack as described in the product description? Does anyone know?

This question is best answered by the business/person who is selling the item. It’s possible that they are offering a special two for one. If the add or listing says two, it could be two. The advertisement where I purchased mine didn’t mention TWO. When I made my purchase, I paid for one and received one.

How tall Exactly is the stand ?

It measures 19 3/4 tall from the floor to the top of the leg, and 15 3/4 from the floor to the top shelf.

Reviews & Experience

knick-knack: Have Purchased this Water Cooler Stand and Reviewed that “Sturdy, handy table” What a handy table stand. Have a water cooler but it is slow and cold in filling up dog dishes so bought a 5 gallon container (screw top) and placed on table with a Terra Pump. Well now we have some kind of water rushing out to fill water bowls for two large dogs. Table sturdy to hold a 5 gallon water bottle and fits in a corner out of the way easily. Vet’s orders that our pets drink purified water because of health reasons of water in area. Something worthwhile, but inexpensive to solve the problem.

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