Water cooler with ice maker

Water Cooler With Ice Maker To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Our water cooler with ice maker is specially equipped with a child safety lock on the hot water nozzle. The very intimate design can prevent your child from accidentally touching the hot water and causing burns. water cooler with ice maker is very powerful ice making technology! Ice maker produces 9 bullets ice cubes in just 7 minutes (depends on room temp.) at up to 27 lb (12 kg) every 24 hours. It has a removable drip tray. The main function of water cooler with ice maker is to store accidental dripping water. In addition, it can be extracted, which is very convenient.

Water Cooler With Ice Maker, Top Loading Freestanding Dispenser with Child Safety Lock (Black)

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Antarctic Star 2-in-1 Water Cooler Dispenser with Built-in Ice Maker, Freestanding Hot Cold Top Loading Water Dispenser, 2, 3 or 5 Gallon Bottle with Child Safety Lock (Black)

Water Cooler With Ice Maker Features

Capacity4 Liters, 5 Gallons
BrandAntarctic Star
Installation TypeFreestanding
Access LocationTop

Elegant Sleek Design: This Water Cooler With Ice Maker will look classy any public space. Black color and sleek design adapts to every scene. Designed to be placed in all areas in the office or at your own place. Yet its super powerful and built to last for long. Freestanding machine, better for your office, small home kitchen, dorm room or warehouse!

INSTANT WATER & ICE: Rapidly makes 5L steaming hot water (≥194℉/90℃) or 4L crisp and ice-cold water (≤46℉/8℃) per hour. Ice maker produces 9 bullets ice cubes in just 7 minutes (depends on room temp.) at up to 27 lb (12 kg) every 24 hours. Cold insulation is assured by high density C5H10 foaming .This Water Cooler With Ice Maker features a Tri-temp push button faucet making it easy to dispense cold, hot and room-temperature water. Near boiling hot water is great for instant beverages and meals.

Ice Maker Function: The ice making cycle lasts 7 to 15 minutes ( depending on the ambient temperature ). If there is no enough water to make ice, the ice maker will stop automatically, and the Warning indicator will be on. It automatically stops working when the unit is full of the ice inside. Bullet-shaped ice cubes, ice making capability 26 lbs within 24 hours, ice storage capability 4.4 lbs.

USABILITY & SAFE DESIGN: LED indicator lights and related soft-touch buttons on the control area. Simple operation enables care-free usage. 2-step child safety lock on hot water dispenser provides a light-hearted atmosphere for the whole family., so the entire family can use it worry-free. This user-friendly security lock on the hot water faucet can prevent accidental burns.

Strong Compressor and Quiet Machine: TwoWorking power for cooling water and hot water. But the water dispenser works with almost no noise so that you will not be disturbed when you are working or resting.


We got our machine, but it seems when we want to dispense water it trickles out. Is there a solution for this?

Sound like it might have an obstruction. Did you make sure you had taken the labels off before putting it on the dispenser? Sometimes the openings on the bottles are also small. Even though there is a puncture point that you would think would make it the same size. But i have notice me nards bottles have extra plastic guard. Not sure how to get something out of the machine.

I have water leaking, has anyone been able to find a solution?

Ice make doesn’t keep ice cold so it melts and drains from the drain on the back it’s about halfway up and has a plastic plug pull the plug and drain all the parts excess water.

Does the ice stay frozen in the ice compartment?

Yes it does, some cubes melt within time but the water gets recycled into making more ice and if you keep the ice maker on it will always have ice for you.

Reviews & Experience

Sara L. Glendening: Have Purchased this Water Cooler With Ice Maker and Reviewed that “Great customer service” At the start, the water cooler dispenser worked great and the ice maker made ice very quickly. Unfortunately, the seal on cold water dispenser began to fail causing a continuous drip. INSS customer support responded in less that 24 hours requesting a picture or video to help them understand the issue. They responded the next day and agreed to provide a full refund. This rating is in regard to the customer service received and not the product itself. Is was disappointing that the product failed with less that 30 days of use.

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