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Water Jug With Spout To Buy - Reviews & Experience

Replace wasteful, plastic Water Jug With Spout with the Pinnacle insulated water jug. Perfect for athletes when training, or for taking with you to picnics or on hikes, this insulated Water Jug With Spout with handle keeps your beverages cold and fresh for up to 12 hours. Designed with double wall, foam insulation, our insulated Water Jug With Spout has a firm grip, carry handle and keeps your drinks cool for ultimate refreshment on-the-go. The leakproof spout makes your cold drinks easy to pour without spilling and the locking latch prevents spillages too. Plastic water bottles take years to breakdown in landfill and are harmful to our planet. By making the easy switch to using a portable water jug, you are helping to reduce your carbon footprint while keeping your water intake at its optimum levels.

Water Jug With Spout - Insulated Water Jug for Camping, Leakproof Portable Water Jug (85oz)

Reusable Insulated Water Jug –85oz Leakproof Portable Water Jug – Insulated Water Jug with Spout – Insulated Half Gallon Water Bottle – Insulated Water Jug for Camping, Picnics, Hiking – Sky Blue

Water Jug With Spout Features

BrandPinnacle Thermoware
ColorSky Blue
Capacity5.3 Pounds
Product Dimensions3.56″W x 10.72″H

REUSABLE INSULATED WATER JUG – this double-wall, foam insulated water jug is ideal for taking on camping trips, hikes, picnics or to sporting events and is designed to keep your beverages cold for up to 12 hours

ECO-FRIENDLY INSULATED WATER JUG WITH SPOUT – say goodbye to disposable, plastic water bottles when training or hiking by switching to using our reusable, portable water jug. Small steps to reducing your carbon footprint go a long way!

TOP QUALITY BPA FREE PORTABLE WATER JUG – made from BPA-Free, certified materials, this insulated water jug with handle is durable enough to handle regular use whether you’re out on the athletics track or hiking through the woods

DOUBLE WALL INSULATED WATER JUG – designed with double wall, foam insulation, this insulated half gallon water bottle will keep your beverages cold for 12 hours, or an even longer period of time with ice included in the jug

INSULATED WATER JUG WITH LEAKPROOF SPOUT – featuring a flip lid which is leakproof, a locking latch and a carry handle, this is a fantastic, non-slip, insulated water jug that will keep you hydrated on and off the track


Is this freezable?

I fill mine half full with water and freeze it just leave the lid of or it won’t freeze ….well not in 12 hrs anyway

Does this sweat?

No, not at all. But, like any other water jug, it will leak from the lid if you don’t get it on just right. Overall, I’m very pleased with this. Keeps cold for a long time. Just don’t put it in the bottom shelf of your dishwasher! Mine half-deformed from the heat

what is the diameter of the opening with lid off?

Not sure its bigger then average its a Great jug I used it at an all day reunion in August the ice was still cubed lol so and at a lake all day I was pleasantly surprised well worth it.

Reviews & Experience

Jessica: Have Purchased this Water Jug With Spout and Reviewed that “Great for theme parks” We live in central Florida and have annual passes to all of the area theme parks so we go weekly. We don’t drink soda or juice so we use this huge water jug to hydrate when it’s hotter than Hades. Any self filling drink station will give ice water and some quick service places will fill it for you as well. We also have 24oz Bubba tumblers that we use with flavored drink packets but after awhile, you just want some Ice cold clean water and this is perfect.

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